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Management Cluster

Section II
1. The EEOC is not the enforcement agency for:
the rehabilitation act
2. One of the criteria used to define equal by the equal pay act of 1963 is:
3. Which of the following is not a qualifying factor set forth by the courts in upholding early retirement incentive programs and waivers:
15% over 40
4. In contrast to most other eeo laws, the Americans with disability act:
goes beyond discrimination and covers accommodation
5. Which of the following cases would be likely to be filed under the disparate theory of discrimination:
woman with school age children rejected because of kids an likelihood of being late or missing days at work
6. In a disparate impact case the most likely defenses to be offered by the defendant is:
Job relatedness
7. Under the occupational safety and health act osha can do all of the following except:
close a workplace because of occupational hazard
8. Which is the first step in a workflow analysis:
Identify the product, information or service
9. Onet is:
A is a government sponsored job index that is available at no charge to employers and employees, it uses work styles and common language
10. When job analysis information is used:
job evaluation
11. If as a manager you were to give the sales staff in your store the authority to resolve disputes including issuing refunds you would be implementing:
job enrichment
12. Which of the following is not true of telework:
productivity declines slightly as they struggle to separate work and home roles
13. Forecasting calls for reduction in white collar workers in the net 3-5 years, your company prefers to minimize impact:
natural attrition or early retirement and retraining
14. Which would enhance competitiveness (downsizing objectives):
reducing bureaucratic overhead between mergers
15. Federal governments uniform guidelines for employee selection procedure accepts which type of validity:
Criterion related
16. A construction firm is in need of a superintendent whose primary responsibilities involve organizing, supervising, inspecting. Testing to find number of errors in construction shed:
Content validation
17. The use of a neutral appearing selection method that impacts a protected group is:
is legal if can be related to business need
18. Which type of interview is best:
19. The most accurate way to evaluate a training program:
control group and test group
20. Identify the evaluation approach to performance measurement that meets the following criteria: high reliability, very high strategic congruence, usually high validity, usually high specificity: ........ lost him:
21. Subordinates as a source of performance information are generally most informative when used for:
Development purposes
22. In what legal suit would the plaintiff allege that the performance metric changes based on who does the job:
23. Protean careers:
take responsibility for themselves
24. Which is true of the Meyers Briggs type indicator (mbti):
scores appear to relate to communication style
25. Which of the following is not true of the glass ceiling:
Gender difference in transition/change.
26. According to a study at Florida state university which of the following did employees most complain about:
failed to keep promises
27. The workers adjustment and retraining notification act requires (WARN Act):
60 days notice
28. Results when circumstances such as the nature of the job, supervisor / co-worker, employees' disposition, pay level:
Job withdrawal
29. According to corp. leadership council research, employees leave because:
managers appear not to value employees
30. Comparable worth is a public policy that:
advocates the use of job evaluations to replace the market data
31. Which is not true of the fair labor standards act (FLSA):
required to pay prevailing wage for federal contracts -- different law
32. Economic theory holds most profitable pay level is:
at the market rate
33. Compensable factors are:
characteristics of a job that the firm values and is willing to pay for
34. Assuming an organization wants to motivate employees through promotions and assuming that promotion opportunities are available:
limit the pay rate from one band to the next
35. In terms of unemployment assurance which will keep the companies' experience rating favorable:
accurate hr planning
36. The fmla act of 1993 requires employers to provide all but:
paid medical leave after one full year of service
37. Which concerning the pension benefit guarantee corporation is false:
provides protection for both defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans
38. Why are cafeteria style plans more expensive for an organization:
they have to carry more options
39. A transnational hr management system:
makes decisions from a global perspective and includes managers from different countries
40. Visiting Mexico and you call you host by his first name and offend him, what error did you make:
Power distance
41. According to ex patriots , the most important qualities for an international assignment are -in what order-
Family situation is first
42. Which is true of employee dismissal on grounds for employment-at-will company:
principles and justice issues
1. Why did peter drucker compare knowledge seekers to musicians?
- B
2. Measure of success of a non profit organization
3. Managers interact with suppliers in solving quality problems
4. Jordan scans wsj for information on his business, what role is he performing
5. Raj, nurse manages supplies, uses a XXXX program.
Operations management (Yellow Highlight in the book)
6. Works for a small univ as a budget manager and just learned new tools, modify behavior of employees
Learning organization
7. Kem tech international being picketed b/c of waste disposal. Dealing with XXXX part of XXXX environment
Local communities / Task environment - RTDQ, this answer was in the text.
8. Whistle blowers are most likely presented with which of the following
ethical dilemma
9. Drug companies criticized for selling at high prices, when asked say it's fair because of research and investment, without this high price other drugs that help millions. Which approach
Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism: The greatest good for the greatest number, or any view that holds that actions and policies should be evaluated on the basis of benefits and costs they will impose on society.
10. Company produces paper products and engages Russian firm for fasteners
counter trading
11. Company operated as polish independent comp until purchases by American
12. Corp builds a mfg plant in Mexico, uses Mexican citizens and receives tax breaks
13. US charged a duty of 18-67 percent on Japanese steel
Protective tariff
14. Meeting with other managers to discuss working to support goals over the next 24 months
Tactical (because her department working)
15. Ivan is working with subordinates to work on operations for 6 months
Operational Planning
16. Student identifies a topic of research paper, what stage
17. Rocky mountain ski and snow increases advertising in Denver post as well as vailvoist, which strategy
18. Which of the following will streamline an effective meeting
Homework in advance with an agenda
19. When analyzing the O in SWOT analysis the manager might be assessing
Competitors actions
20. When analyzing the T
Competitors actions
21. Analysis of the local and regional labor force would part of the companies
Strengths & weaknesses
22. Zoe must decide whether to extend the lease on her coffee shop but decides not to take action
Relaxed Avoidance
23. Ling lee procrastinates in making a decision about the morals problem
Defensive avoidance
24. Latisha interviewed 5 candidates for an open position she supervises, it is open because she fired the previous because of attendance. Williams graduated from the same university as Latisha = most qualified
Representative Bias
25. Which of the following is an example of a mutually beneficial organization
Mine Workers - union aids the individual and union benefits because it's a service
26. Top management team is meeting to discuss structural changes within the company, lately change has been unpredictable, should move towards environment is unstable
Organic organization
27. Only one incorrect answer; general motors is currently in what stage of their organizational life cycle:
28. Google is currently in what stage of it's lifecycle
29. Renaldo is head of a task force consisting of peers, from other departments
Low position power (he's one of a bunch and has to earn respect)
30. George is the leader of a task force charged with restructuring, task force is of peers and most have worked together before but have been disbanded due to internal conflicts, what style would an effective leader employ
31. Ahmad supervises employees that work on new problems, with no defined procedures, ahmad should use which style
32. Which of the following is an example of noise in the communication process
All of the above (mowing, doing work for others, pretty person walking by...)
33. A manager needs to communicate about a routine situation with someone she knows who's physical location is not far from her office, use which
34. Salvidor ESL and has trouble coming up with the exact work to express an idea
Encoding barrier - sending the word
35. Jason tells cell phone number and asks for the number to be repeated back to him, he is trying to avoid
Feedback barrier
36. Which of the following is a barrier to effective measurement
Companies measures activities vs. results
37. Harvey takes random samples to ascertain quality
38. Friendly ins, claims adjusters are required to take coffee breaks at specific times, if on phone the person losses part of break
emphasis on too much control
39. Two years ago jersey office changed maintenance schedule on truck fleet and allowed them to forego purchasing another truck to cover during preventative maintenance, example of
Means over ends
40. Gambling casinos require licensees, and observe using cctv and require reports at end of ship, this company has overcome what barrier
Overemphasis of one instead of many