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SQ2 Nineteenth Century Empires (pgs. 42-end)

What was the name of General Charles Gordon's army which suppressed the Taiping Rebellion?
Ever-Victorious Army
By what year did Charles Gordon's Ever-Victorious Army squash the Taiping Rebellion?
What was the nick name of General Charles Gordon?
What was the only Chinese place that Europeans formally colonized in the 19th century?
Hong Kong
What did the Chinese squander in its attempt to maintain the opium addiction?
metal reserves
In Chinese society, who bore the brunt of lost government revenues due to the opium trade?
overtaxed peasants
Who did the Dutch ask to oversee their Southeast Asian holdings during the French Revolutionary occupation in 1795?
In what year did the Dutch resume control over their Southeast Asian holdings?
What three Southeast Asian ports held by the British were known collectively as the Straits Settlements?
Panang, Malacca, and Singapore
Panang, Malacca, and Singapore (British SE Asian Ports) are known collectively as...
Straits Settlements
What act, caused the British East India Company to lose their monopoly on Chinese trade?
Charter Act of 1833
After the Charter Act of 1833, the British no longer valued Southeast Asian as a trade depot, but rather as a source of...
raw materials
Thailand is also known as...
In what decade did Siam (Thailand) begin to lose power to Britain? The Siamese emperor abandoned isolationist policies.
The Siamese monarch tried to fend off direct European conquest by launching an aggressive program of...
Westernization (including educational system, and foreign advisers)
The narrative of settlement in Australasia mirrored the conquest of the...
The British claimed Australia as this, an alternative to capital punishment.
penal colony
In what year did the British claim Australia as a penal colony?
The British opposed emigration to Australia because it was a drain on...
In what decade did Australian settlement increase because of cash incentives?
What event caused European emigration to Australia to soar?
Australian Gold Rush
In what year did the Australian Gold Rush occur?
The foundation of this company enticed Europeans to settle in New Zealand starting in 1839.
New Zealand Trading Company
How many British citizens emigrated in the 1850s?
1 million (mostly to Australia)
New Zealand and Australia were often called this because of the their unique position in the colonial hierarchy.
The White Dominions
In what decade did the British grant New Zealand and Australia limited autonomy?
What British colonial status offered domestic autonomy to settler colonies but retained British control over foreign policy and trade?
Dominion Status
In what year was Dominion status given to Canada?
In what year was Dominion status given to Australia and New Zealand?
In what year was Dominion status given to South Africa?
What 1840 treaty promised the New Zealand native Maori protection of land rights? (Of course, this didn't last)
Waitangi Treaty
What is the name of the New Zealand indigenous tribe?
In what decade did the British government savagely intervene to crush Maori resistance?
This American naval commander signed a treaty which opened Japanese ports in 1854.
Commodore Matthew Perry
Commodore Matthew Perry was this nationality.
In what year did the Meiji Restoration dramatically change Japanese politics?
The Meiji restoration dismantled this type of system.
The Meiji restoration overthrew this regime, and dismantled a feudal system that lasted for 7 centuries.
Tokugawa regime
What was the rapid program of industrialization and Westernization that catapulted Japan to be a world power starting in 1868
Meiji Restoration
Japan started its imperial reign by forcing trade concessions from this region starting in 1873.
Portuguese slave traders had settled in this region of Africa.
French traders had settled this part of Africa in the early 19th century.
Dutch and English settlers settled this region of Africa in the early 19th century.
Cape of Good Hope
This resource from Africa was used to lubricate industrial machinery.
peanut and palm oil
This late 18th century organization was dedicated to British commercial expansion in Africa.
African Association
This man's expeditions up the Niger River in 1795 and 1805 brought him into contact with the sophisticated Fulani and Bambara states.
Mungo Park.
What two African states did Mungo park come into contact with in his expeditions up the Niger?
Fulani and Bambara
What river did Mungo Park explore?
What were the years of Mungo Park's two expeditions?
1795 and 1805
What were the four diseases that decimated European explorers in Africa?
dysentery, yellow fever, typhoid, malaria
What nationality was Mungo Park?
In the early 19th century, doctors often (stupidly) prescribed this lethal "remedy" for malaria.
In what decade did European chemists discover quinine?
What plant does quinine come from?
cinchona tree
By what decade did Europeans discover that malaria could be used prophylactically?
Who invented the steam engine?
James Watt
What region of Africa was among the last to be colonized because of a lack of navigable water ways.
Horn of Africa
Many of the missionaries who went to Africa were this.
abolitionist evangelicals
Mission stations in the interior of Africa often attracted...
Most African explorers made money through these two things.
books and lectures
Who wrote Missionary Travels?
David Livingstone
This missionary-explorer described his duel quest to open central Africa to commerce and religion, and he was one of the best known African explorers.
David Livingstone
What newspaper hired Henry Morton Stanley to find David Livingstone when he went missing in the Congo
New York Herald
Where did David Livingstone go missing, prompted a rescue mission by Henry Morton Stanley.
Who published How I Found Livingstone is 1872?
Henry Morton Stanley
Who wrote Tarzan of the Apes in 1912? (inspired by stupidness of Henry Morton Stanley)
Edgar Rice Burroughs
From what port did the French expand into the French interior?
Saint Louis
In what year did the French military invasion of Algiers begin?
In what year did the French claim Algeria as a colony, after fighting a long resistance against Abdelkader (Abd-el Kader)
In what event did 15000 Afrikaners migrate north of the Orange River to escape British control and seek land of their own?
Great Trek of 1835-1845
How many Afrikaners went north of the Orange River in the Great Trek of 1835-1845?
Afrikaners went north of this to escape British control in 1835-1845.
Orange River
Afrikaners had to fight this southern Bantu group
Afrikaners flourished north of the Orange river in this profession.
cattle ranchers
Name the three successful independent Afrikaner republics north of South Africa.
Natal, Orange Free State, Transvaal
In 1843, what Afrikaner colony did the British annex to cut the Afrikaners off from strategic coastal access.
In what year did the British recognize the autonomy of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal?
In what decade did the Zulu leader King Shaka build a powerful and extensive empire in the Natal region?
What Bantu peoples did Shaka drive out?
This 1878-1879 war was the height of European and Zulu clashes. The British ultimately crushed the Zulu
Anglo-Zulu War
This battle was the first defeat of a European power by an African force.
Battle of Isandhlwana
The expansion of this religion in Africa triggered turmoil
An Islamic revival in this West African tribe led to the Sokoto Caliphate.
The Islamic jihadist of the caliphate of sokoto clashed with this French colony.
In what year what the Caliphate of Sokoto formed?
An Islamic revival among the Fulani people led to an overthrow of Hausa chieftains and the establishment of this decentralized state structure in Western Africa.
Caliphate of Sokoto
In what year did Napoleon invade Egypt?
In what battle did the British (backed by Ottoman Turks) destroy Napoleon's fleet in Egypt?
Battle of the Nile
This Albanian officer in the Ottoman army seized power in Egypt after the Battle of the Nile, causing the Ottomans to lose control of the province.
Mohammed Ali
What state did Mohammed Ali seize control of, taking power away from the Ottoman sultan.
Who oversaw the European construction of the Suez canal?
Ferdinand Lessep
Europeans funded an Egyptian railroad between these two places.
Alexandria to Cairo
Mohammed Ali was this nationality.
Who supported the British in the Battle of the Nile.
Ottoman Turks
What French leader sought to take over Egypt in 1798?
What another word to Islamic holy war?
In what region did King Shaka cause major disturbances by driving out Bantu peoples and clashing with Afrikaners?
What chieftains did the Fulani people overthrow to establish the Caliphate of Sokoto?