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Chapter one Section one vocab
Thomas Hobbes
believed that an absolute monarchy was the best form of government
John Locke
believed people were basically reasonable and moral
Natural Rights
rights that belonged to all humans from birth
Baron de Montesquieu
to him, separation of powers was the best way to protect liberty. He believed the government should be separated into three separate branches
names means "my trade and to say what I think." He defended freedom of speech.
Denis Diderot
wrote the 28 volume encyclopedia. His purpose was to change the general way of thinking by explaining the new thinking on governments, philosophes, and religion.
Social Contract
an agreement by which people give up their state of nature for an organized society.
Natural Laws
laws that govern human nature
a group of Enlightenment thinkers that applied the methods of science to better understand and improve society
focused on economic reforms
Laissez Faire
allowing businesses to operate with little or no government interference
Adam Smith
wrote the Wealth of the Nations
Free Market
the natural forces of supply and demand