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  1. labyrinth
  2. laconic
  3. guru
  4. notarize
  5. camouflage
  1. a to hide by blending in with surroundings
  2. b concise, using few words
  3. c a maze, complicated network or problem
  4. d religious leader and spiritual teacher
  5. e to certify or attest to the validity of a signature on a document

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  1. a transformation or dramatic change
  2. conversation between two or more people or characters
  3. jolly; merry; good-humored
  4. a false notion or belief; an error in thinking
  5. noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline

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  1. jauntyconcise, using few words


  2. hypocrisypretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have; insincerity


  3. guerrillaa grotesque carved human or animal figure, especially one used as a rainspout carrying water clear of a wall.


  4. reciprocalmutual; shared; interchangeable


  5. cowerto crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame