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  1. totalitarian
  2. metamorphosis
  3. fallacy
  4. vacillate
  5. impertinent
  1. a a false notion or belief; an error in thinking
  2. b a transformation or dramatic change
  3. c improperly forward or bold; rude; insolent
  4. d to sway physically; to be indecisive
  5. e government in which one person or party holds absolute control

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  1. having or showing great excitement and interest
  2. mutual; shared; interchangeable
  3. to take over; to seize power
  4. selecting ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources
  5. sad, without hope, discouraged

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  1. subjugateto bring under control; to conquer


  2. zoologyarrangement of events in time


  3. notarizeto certify or attest to the validity of a signature on a document


  4. jauntya false notion or belief; an error in thinking


  5. antibodycheerful and pleased with life; lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree; dapper in appearance