Which of the following terms describes the condition of being placed on an official list after meeting the educational and testing requirements for an occupation?


A medical assistant who believes that a physician made an error when prescribing a treatment would demonstrate good thinking skills by

Asking the physician before giving the treatment.

Assessment is a term used in health care that means

Gathering facts and information.

Which of the following is an example of subjective data?

Patients' reports about how they feel

When collecting information from a patient, which term best describes the results of diagnostic tests, measurements, and observations made by health care professionals?


How can learners best take advantage of their dominant learning style?

Develop personalized study techniques.

Which of the following advice to new students will BEST help them become highly competent health care workers?

Always study for understanding

A true statement about using the five-step problem-solving process is that it

Sometimes requires confronting difficult issues.

When a person is licensed in a health care profession, this means that he or she

Has been granted permission to legally perform specific acts

An important result of learning to think effectively is that when learners become health care professionals they will

Apply what they learned in school to situations encountered on the job

The main purpose of occupational therapy is to

Help patients become as self-sufficient as possible

Erin has always enjoyed working with her hands and wants to work directly with patients. Which of the following occupations would be the best choice her to consider?

Massage therapist

Discovering the principles of chemistry in the eighteenth century made it possible to

Learn how body functions, such as digestion, occur.

What is the most significant reason for the dramatic increase in expected life span over the last 100 years?

The development of antibiotics and immunizations

The growing number of elderly citizens is causing dramatic increases in the need for all of the following health care services EXCEPT

Acute care hospitals

The majority of outpatient services are provided by

Private physicians' offices.

Which of the following health care services is expected to provide the largest number of employment opportunities for today's health care graduates?

Long-term care

Which of the following describes one of the primary responsibilities of local health departments?

Inspect and regulate services that affect public health

Encouraging a patient to follow a healthy diet and start an exercise program are examples of the growing emphasis on the concept of:


What is the major reason why more patients are being encouraged by health care providers to take responsibility for their own health?

Links have been discovered between lifestyle habits and major diseases.

Which of the following best describes palliative care?

Provide comfort and pain control

The current life expectancy for females born in the United States in 2005 is:

80 years

Personal values are best described as:

What an individual believes to be most important in life

Which statement correctly describes the laws of the United States?

Some laws result in unintended negative results

The term "euthanasia" means:

Taking deliberate action that results in death

Which of the following patient care examples is both legal and demonstrates respect for a patient's autonomy?

Allowing a patient to refuse treatment, even if it will negatively affect his health

Which of the following is NOT a necessary component of a legal contract?

A signed document outlining the terms of the agreement

The purpose of the suffix in a medical term is to:

Add to or change the meaning of the word root.

What are the components of a combining form?

A word root and a vowel

Which of the following is NOT a common meaning of a prefix?

Surgical procedure

How is the letter "i" pronounced when it is used at the end of a word to create the plural form?

Like the word "eye"

Which of the following is a true statement about the use of medical abbreviations in written health care documentation?

Only those that are facility-approved should be used.

If you are given 3/8 of a pie, into how many parts has the pie been divided?


Which of the following is an improper fraction?


3/8 =


5 drops of medication to 1 cup of water is the same as:

20 drops to 4 cups

If a physician orders that a patient be given 45 grams of a medication and it is only available in 15 gram tablets, how many tablets should the patient be given?


10:00 a.m. is expressed in military time as:


The Roman numeral XLVII =


A gram is the basic metric unit for measuring which of the following?


1 milliliter is equivalent to how many liters?


1 meter is equivalent to how many centimeters?


Two pounds is equivalent to approximately how many kilograms?


If 5 ml = 1 tsp, how many teaspoons are in 85 ml?


If 2 fluid ounces = 60 milliliters, how many milliliters are in 7 ounces of cough syrup?


If 98.6°F is the normal adult oral temperature, what would it be if it were measured using a thermometer that measures in centigrade?


Homeostasis means that the body is:

continuously adjusting to changes.

Which series correctly lists the organizational levels of the body from the smallest to the largest?

Cells, tissues, organs, body systems

The liver would best be described as:

an organ

What is the name of the part of the cell that controls its activity?


What is the purpose of the mitochondria?

Produce energy for cellular processes

Which directional term describes the hand in relation to the shoulder?


Which abdominal quadrant contains the stomach?

Left upper quadrant (LUQ)

The many individual bones in the human body are classified by:


In which body system are red blood cells manufactured?


Which of the following is NOT part of the appendicular skeleton?


The femur is a major bone in the


Blood is carried away from the heart to carry oxygen to the rest of the body by the


Heart attacks are the result of:

blocked coronary arteries

What is the major function of red blood cells?

Transport oxygen

Which organ produces bile to break down fats so they can be absorbed and used by the body?


Which sequence lists the major organs of the urinary system in order as it removes wastes from the body?

Kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra

What are the main functions of the kidneys?

Clean the blood and regulate amount of water in the body

The ____ is the part of the eye on which images are projected.


The brain and the spinal cord are the components of the ____ nervous system.


Which statement is true about the autonomic nervous system?

It functions outside the control of the individual.

Harmful physical and mental stress can occur when the ____ nervous system is continually activated.


In which part of the male reproductive system is sperm manufactured?


The phrase "human development" refers to all of the following EXCEPT:

increase in height

Thought, awareness, and the ability to comprehend meaning are referred to as ____ abilities.


Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development are based on the theory that:

life consists of conflicts that must be resolved for development to occur.

Which of the following is accurate about the young adulthood stage of development?

Motor sensory skills peak and start to decline

What age span is considered middle adulthood?

40 to 65

Which of the following birth years are defined as baby boomers?


A chair that provides good back support and is the proper height for the user is an example of good:


When lifting objects off the floor, it is safest to use the muscles of the:


Which is the best body position to maintain when working at a desk for long periods of time?

Sitting straight up with the head and shoulders aligned over the hips

When lifting heavy objects, what is the best way to position your feet?

6 to 8 inches apart

Which of the following conditions have the signs and symptoms of tingling, numbness, and pain in the hand and results in an inability to make a fist?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The germ theory states that:

bacteria cause many specific diseases.

How does the body's immune response operate to fight infection?

Produces antibodies

What is the most common reason that long-term antibiotic therapy can cause new infections?

Destroys the body's normal flora

What is the principal purpose of a rise in body temperature?

Higher temperature kills microorganisms

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts visits at health care facilities in order to:

ensure employee safety.

What is the difference between medical and surgical asepsis?

Medical asepsis decreases pathogens; sterile asepsis eliminates pathogens.

Which of the following procedures is an example of medical asepsis?


When should health care workers who are in direct contact with patients follow Standard Precautions?

At all times

Why are paper towels most appropriate for drying the hands in a health care facility?

Microorganisms can live in wet cloth towels.

Which of the following practices is essential to ensure effective handwashing technique?

Do not touch faucets with bare hands.

What is the proper action to take if blood is splashed on a countertop during a procedure on a patient?

Clean the spill as soon as possible with a disinfectant.

All pathogens that are easily transmitted and have the potential to cause epidemics require the use of:.

Transmission-Based Precautions

What is the proper way to remove linen and other items from the room of a patient who is in isolation?

Bag items once in the room, and then place them in second bag held outside the room.

Which of the following diseases is contracted by the highest number of health care workers each year?

Hepatitis B

Against which of the following diseases can health care workers be protected by a vaccine?

Hepatitis B

How can changes in mental function increase a patient's risk of accident and injury?

Awareness of common dangers is decreased.

Special biohazard bags should be used for:

discarding waste that contains body fluids.

Which of the following statements is NOT true about incident reports?

Are placed in the patient's file

What is the advantage of using an ABC type of fire extinguisher?

It can be used on all types of fires.

What is the minimum length of time that eyes that have been splashed with chemicals should be rinsed?

15 minutes

What is the proper way to dispose of radioactive waste?

Label it as "radioactive" and place it in a special container.

A patient with which of the following would be evaluated and treated first under a triage system?

Chest pains

Which action should you take first to help you succeed when attempting to change a negative habit?

Make a decision that you want to change

An effective way to begin reducing stress in your life is to:

Identify sources of stress.

Muscle relaxation is most beneficial if it is done:

On a regular basis.

A health care professional's attitude is determined by his or her:

mental view of the world.

Which is the best definition of "professionalism" as it applies to the health care professional?

Doing one's best to provide high-quality service

What is the most appropriate way to react when a patient responds rudely to your attempts to provide care?

Ask yourself what might have caused this reaction.

The best way to deal with problems in the workplace is to:

learn as much as possible from the problems.

What is the most likely reaction of patients who hear health care professionals complain about their working conditions?

Loss of confidence in their care

The most important reason for dressing conservatively at the workplace is to:

Increase patient confidence.

What is the first thing to do if you are unsure about how to request a personal leave day from work?

Look in the employee manual.

Which of the following best illustrates the meaning of professional distance?

Caring about patients without becoming too friendly

Which statement best describes the concept of lifelong learning?

All purposeful learning activities

Continuing education units are best described as:

credits earned to add to professional knowledge.

What is the common length of class attendance necessary to earn one continuing education unit?

50 to 60 minutes

Who should health care professionals check with regarding acceptance of continuing education units they plan to earn?

The certifying organization that requires the units

The increase in medical specialization has led to the need for all health care professionals to:

fully develop their teamwork skills.

Which statement best expresses the meaning of the Philosophy of Individual Worth?

Every human being is entitled to respect.

What is the best response to a patient who tells you that he feels much better after trying a "cure" that is practiced by his cultural group but that you know may have dangerous consequences?

"Why do you think that helped you?"

Why is the term "minority group" no longer very effective in describing certain ethic groups in the United States today?

These groups now make up significant percentages of the total population.

When assessing the needs of patients, it is disrespectful for the health care professional to:

make assumptions about patients' cultural backgrounds.

The term "dominant culture" refers to the customs that:

reflect the accepted values of society as a whole.

Cultures have different beliefs about appropriate personal space. What does this term refer to?

Comfortable distance between people in conversation

The main characteristic of traditional Western medicine as practiced by the majority of physicians in the United States is the:

use of scientific methods.

If an elderly patient appears to be of Chinese background, it is best to:

ask questions about her health beliefs and preferences.

When giving instructions to a patient who speaks limited English, it is best to:

ask the patient to explain in his own words or demonstrate the instructions.

Comfortable personal space between individuals who share the dominant culture of the United States is about:

18 inches

Of the many oral communication skills needed by the health care professional, the MOST important for building effective patient relations is:

listening actively.

The best way to respond to a patient who jokes about being an "old cripple" due to injuries suffered in a car accident is to:

listen carefully to determine whether there is a contradictory message.

When a medical receptionist greets a 5-year-old patient by asking his mother, "And how is little José today?" she is:

not showing respect for the child.

It is appropriate for a dental assistant to address patients by their first names when they:

have given their permission

What is the appropriate action for a nurse whose patient's older brother informs her that he is acting on behalf of the patient and wants information about treatments she has received?

Check whether the patient has consented to his having the information.

Which message is most likely communicated by a phlebotomist who tells a patient, "I'd really like to hear more about that" while looking anxiously at his watch?

I need to be someplace else right now.

What is the BEST course of action when performing a procedure on a patient whose condition causes a strong, unpleasant odor?

Be sure your facial expression communicates caring and reassurance.

Which action is most likely to increase the effectiveness of communication when a patient is having difficulty understanding the health care professional's instructions?

Use pantomime

If a patient seems uncomfortable with being touched on the arm in a caring manner, it is best to:

ask the patient if he would prefer not to be touched.

What is the best strategy to follow when listening to a patient speaking in favor of something about which you strongly disagree?

Listen and observe very carefully.

A respiratory therapist who tries to imagine the fear a patient experiences when he has difficulty catching his breath is practicing:


A dental hygienist who says to a patient, "I hear you saying that you don't like to floss because it makes your gums bleed," is using a technique known as:


The MOST important reason for health care professionals to develop excellent telephone skills is to:

project a positive image of their facility

What would be the first step when planning instruction about postoperative home care for a patient's husband?

Determine the goal of the instruction.

When preparing to discuss nutrition with a diabetic patient, the first step in the communication process is to:

decide on the specific goal of the communication.

When you are beginning the process of writing a report on a health care topic, it is recommended that you:

list every idea you can think of, including those that seem unlikely.

What determines the tone of a written document?

The specific circumstances

Before the writer begins to write a report, an informal outline should be prepared:

when the writer finds this organizational technique helpful.

Professional writers suggest that a good way to prevent being overwhelmed by a long writing project is to:

write the first draft quickly without worrying about perfect grammar and spelling.

Which word correctly applies the "i before e" rule?


Which word correctly applies the rule about adding letters to words that end in "y"?


Which word correctly applies the rule about forming plurals?


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