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christianity is a religion that grew out of....


Who was the founder? Where and when was he born?

Jesus Christ, Israel, 6-2 BCE/CE

When Israel became part of the Roman Empire, what was it called?


What are the 3 main branches of Christianity?

Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant

How was Israel in the time of Jesus?

Time of unrest, political factions and movements of jewish groups

What are the 4 jewish groups?

Saducees, Pharisiees, Essenes, Zealots

What were the jews expecting from the Messiah?

God's envoy, a king or military leader that will be a descendant from king David

What is another word for Messiah?

The anointed one

Who wrote the Gospels?

Paul, Matthew, Luke and John

Who announced the arrival of God to Mary?

Angel Gabriel

Why did Joseph and Mary go to bethlehem?

To register in Augustus Caesar's census

Where was Jesus born?

In a stable in Bethlehem

Who wanted to kill the Messiah?

King Herod of Judea

Where did Jesus grow up?

In Nazareth

What was the only known story of Jesus' childhood?

During a passover he visited a temple at the age of 12, he was left behind, and found later with the teachers in the temple.

When did he started preaching?

When he was 20 years old

When did Jesus began his public life?

When John baptized him in the Jordan river

Personal characteristics of Jesus are?

-Regarded God as his father
-Accepted Jews laws
-Teached with authority
-Emphasis on universal love
-Cared for the poor and the hungry

What is the Sermon of the mount?

His most famous speech summarizing his main teachings: the beatitudes, lords prayer and the parables

What did the miracles he preformed involve?

1. Healing of the sick
2. Power over nature
3. Death

How was his last passover called?

The last supper

Which disciple betrayed Jesus? Where?

Judas Iscariot, Garden of Gasthemane

Who sentenced Jesus to death? How?

Pontius Pilate, he was crucified

When did he died? and when did he resurrected?

Friday, 3 days later

Who found the tomb empty?

Mary Magdalene and Mary

What did Jesus told his disciples when he ascended?

Share my teachings

Christians believe that Jesus is both....

God and Man

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