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What covers most of north Africa?

the Sahara

Suez Canal

an important link between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea

What type of climate does North Africa have?


Where did ancient Egypt bury their kings?

stone pyramids


ancient Egyptian writing system


holy month of fasting in Islam

What is Egypt's second largest city?


What is a major challenge facing Egypt today?


What happens to the Nile river as it approaches the Mediterranean Sea?

The Nile fans out, forming a large delta

What is the source of the Nile river?

the Blue Nile and While Nile join together and flow northward

What covers the Sinai Peninsula?

Rocky mountains and desert

Where are settlements in the Sahara typically found?

Near oases

How is the birthday of Muhammad celebrated?

Celebrated with lights, parades, and special sweets

On what does Egypt's economy depend?

Agriculture, oil, and tourism

What do North Africa's farmers grow and export?

Wheat, olives, and fruits

What groups make up Egypt's population?

Berbers and Bedouins

When did Arab powers from Southwest Asia rule North Africa?

from the AD 600s to 1800s

What are rural Egyptian farmers called?



Western Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco

What do rare storms in North Africa cause?

damaging floods and erosion

Climate types found in North Africa

Steppe, desert, Mediterranean

What did Alexander the Great found when he came to Egypt?

the city of Alexandria

When did the countries of North Africa achieve independence?


North Africa is famous for beautiful _________

handpainted tilework, hand-woven carpets, poetry

What divides Egyptians?

the role of Islam in the country

What is a problem farmers face in Egypt?

the need for more fertilizer

How would you describe the city of Cairo?

crowded, poor, and polluted

What disturbing fact demonstrates the housing shortage in Cairo?

some people live in cemetaries

What is the largest city in Morocco?


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