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Saddam Hussein

dictator of Iraq during the Persian Gulf War who invaded Kuwait


tiny, oil-rich kingdom invaded by Saddam Hussein

George Bush

U.S. President during the Persian Gulf War

Operation Desert Storm

U.N. offensive against Iraq during the Persian Gulf War

military men, politicians

President Bush insisted that the Persian Gulf War be directed by ______________ rather than ______________.

military commander

For the first time since World War II, the American President and Congress followed the counsel of a _______________ during Operation Desert Storm.

Colin Powell

general whom George Bush placed in command of Operation Desert Storm

Norman Schwarzkopf

general appointed to lead the American troops in combat during Operation Desert Storm

media coverage

At the request of military commanders, President Bush set limits on __________________ of the Persian Gulf War.

television briefings

method used by Generals Powell and Schwarzkopf to keep the public informed about the Persian Gulf war

Maastricht Treaty

treaty that set in motion a plan to form a European central bank with a single, unified currency

European Union

group of European countries

Margaret Thatcher

longest-ruling leader of Britain in the 20th century

John Major

outspoken Conservative advocate of the European Union who succeeded Thatcher as prime minister of Britain

the "Chunnel"

31-mile long tunnel linking Great Britain and france

Jacques Chirac

more Conservative prime minister who succeeded Jacques Chirac

Helmut Kohl

longest-ruling leader in Germany's post-war history

"managed capitalism"

another name for democratic socialism

Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina

four republics that declared their independence from Yugoslavia in the early 1990's


Muslim capital of Bosnia

"ethnic cleansing"

Reports of ______________ (genocide) of Muslims by the Serbs resulted in UN condemnation of Serbia.

Slobodan Milosevic

Serbian president who urged Bosnian Serbs to end hostilities

Dayton Peace Accords

peace settlement that resulted in NATO troops being sent to Bosnia as "peace-keepers"


republic in the Caucasus where Yeltsin brutally crushed an independence movement


country where the UN and the United States negotiated a peace agreement that provided for the withdrawal of Cuban and Angolan troops and recognized the SWAPO as the official government of the country

SWAPO (South-West African People's Organization)

Marxist terrorist group that ruled Namibia


east African nation where rival Muslim and Marxist warlords battled with one another, causing a widespread famine

Hutu and Tutsi

two tribes in Rwanda

Ruth Perry

leader of Liberia and first woman head of state in Africa


country where many were homeless refugees and foreigners were forced to flee


Africa's largest country where the Islamic government waged jihad against the Christian and animist Nubian tribes of the south


African country where the government responded to Christian missionaries with a commitment to rebuild its economy and political institutions on Biblical principles

Nelson Mandela

first black president of South Africa


country that experienced a crisis of widespread violence and terrorism launched by "drug lords" and Marxist guerrillas


country that struggled with Marxist revolutionaries who tried to squelch Christianity

Pacific Rim

regions directly bordering the Pacific Ocean that were the most dynamic sphere of world activity during the 1990's

APEC group (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)

group of 18 nations extending from America to Southeast Asia designed to eliminate all trade barriers along the Pacific Rim


percent of the world's trade accounted for by APEC

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

the market value of all goods and services produced within a nation during a year


country which boasted the second largest GDP during the end of the 20th century

Cambodia, World War II

The Japanese sent peace-keeping forces to ____________ - the first time since _____________ that Japanese forces were deployed outside of Japan.

Jiang Zemin

Deng Xiaoping's Communist Chinese heir

Lee Teng-hui

president of Taiwan and the first democratically elected leader in Chinese history

Hong Kong

former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997


country where the success of the Contra freedom fighters resulted in free elections

Daniel Ortega

Communist Sandinista ruler in Nicaragua who was defeated in 1990

Violeta Barrios de Chamorro

defeated Communist Daniel Ortega in the 1990 Nicaraguan elections


country where the longest war against Communist guerrillas ended in December 1996


country where the economy went into a tailspin without support from the former Soviet Union and 30,000 citizens escaped on boats and rafts

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

trade agreement among the United States, Canada, and Mexico that eliminated tariffs and other trade barriers

Institutional Revolutionary Party

Mexico was beset by political and economic problems, including a guerrilla war raised by Marxist rebels against the __________________, which had ruled Mexico since 1929.

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