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Gr 12 - Slide List - Watson

Claude Monet. Impression Sunrise. (1894) Oil on canvas.
Claude Monet. Rouen Cathedral: The Portal in Sun. (1894) Oil on canvas.
Edgar Degas. L'Etoile (1878) Pastel on paper.
Auguste Renoir. Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (1876) Oil on canvas.
Edouard Manet. A Bar at the Folies-Bergere (1881-82) Oil on canvas.
Auguste Rodin. The Burghers of Calais (1888) Bronze
Paul Cezanne. Turning Road at Montgeroult. (1898) Oil on canvas.
Georges Seurat. A Sunday Afternoon on the island of la Grande Jatte. (1884) Oil on canvas.
Paul Gauguin. Femmes de Tahiti (1891) Oil on canvas
Vincent Van Gogh. Bedroom in Arles (1888) Oil on canvas
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Dance at the Moulin Rouge. (1889-1890) Oil on canvas.
Edvard Munch. Madonna. (1884-94) Oil on canvas.
Edward Munch. Puberty (1894-95) Oil on canvas.
Amadeo Modigliani. Jacques & Berthe Lipchitz. (1916) Oil on canvas.
Ernest Ludwig Kirchner. Street Berlin (1913) Oil on canvas
Ernest Ludwig Kirchner. Marcella. (1909-10) Oil on canvas.
Egon Schiele. Seated Woman with legs drawn up. (1917) Drawing.
Francois Derain. Big Ben. (1905) Oil on canvas.
Henry Matisse. The Red Room. (1908) oil on canvas
Henri Matisse. Red Studio. (1911) oil on canvas
Pablo Picasso. Les Desmoiselles D'Avignon. (1907) Oil on canvas.
George Braque. Guitar, Fruit and Pitcher. (1927) Oil on canvas.
Juan Gris. Fantomas (1915) Oil on canvas
Joseph Stella. Brooklyn Bridge. (1918-1920) Oil on canvas.
Umberto Boccioni. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. (1913) Bronze.
Natalia Goncharov. The Cyclist. (1913) Oil on canvas.
Piet Mondrian. Diagonal Composition. (1921) Oil on canvas.
Theo van Doesburg. Counter Composition V. (1924) Oil on canvas.
Marcel Duchamp. Fountain. (1917) Ready made.
Marcel Duchamp. L.H.O.O.Q (1919) Ready made.
Marcel Duchamp. Bicycle Wheel (1951) Ready made.
Salvador Dali. Metamorphosis of Narcissus. (1937) Oil on canvas.
Rene Magritte. Time Transfixed. (1938) Oil on canvas.
Rene Magritte. Son of Man. (1946) Oil on canvas.
Man Ray. Indestructible Object (Object That Must Be Destroyed) (1923 / 1964) Photography / found objects.
Meret Oppenheim. Object. (1936) Teacup, saucer and spoon covered with fur.
Jackson Pollock. Autumn Rhythm # 30. (1950) Enamel on canvas.
Willem de Kooning. Woman I (1950-1952). Acrylic on canvas
Franz Kline. Black Reflection. (1956) Oil on canvas.
Andy Warhol. Campbell's Soup Cans. (1962) Synthetic Polymer Paint on 32 canvases.
Andy Warhol. Elvis I & II. (1963) Silkscreen ink and spray paint on linen.
Andy Warhol. Mao. (1973) Synthetic Polymer Paint & Silkscreen on canvas.
Jasper Johns. Numbers in Color. (1958-59) Oil on canvas.
Roy Lichtenstein. Wham! (1963) Oil on canvas.
Claes Oldenburg. Shoestring Potatoes Spilling from a Bag. (1966) Mixed Media.
Bridget Riley. Metamorphosis. (1964) Acrylic emulsion on hardboard.
Victor Vasarely. Vega (series). (begun 1968) Acrylic on canvas.
Helen Frankenthaler. The Bay. (1963) Acrylic on canvas.
Joseph Albers. Homage to the Square Series. (1964-1972) Acrylic on canvas.
Frank Stella. Protractor Variation. (1969) Fluorescent alkyd on canvas.
Chuck Close. Linda. (1975-1976) Acrylic and pencil on canvas.
Duane Hanson. Tourists II. (1988) Fibreglass and mixed media.
Antoni Gaudi. Casa Batllo. (1905-1907) Barcelona, Spain.
Antoni Gaudi. Casa Mila. (1905-1907) Barcelona, Spain.
Antoni Gaudi. Park Guell. (1900-1914) Barcelona, Spain.
Antoni Gaudi. Sagrada Famiglia. (1882- present) Barcelona, Spain.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Kaufmann House. (1936) Bear Run, Pennsylvania.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Duncan House. (1957) Pennsylvania.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. (1956) New York City.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Taliesan House. (1937-1959) Scottsdale, Arizona.