English A Unit 2


Terms in this set (...)

What was the effect of the Norman invasion of 1066 on the English culture?
It brought elements of French culture and language.
The Magna Carta was signed in order to...
limit the powers of the monarchy.
Which of the following values does not belong to the medieval code of chivalry?
Which statement best defines an allegory?
a story in which the characters and events represent societal concepts.
An epic tale can also be defined as...
a long narrative poem
In "The Prologue," what does the stained attire of the Knight suggest about his personality?
The Knight is modest and honorable.
In "The Prologue," what is the flaw attributed to the church based on the description of the Prioress and the Monk?
disregard of the needy
Which sentence is written in inverted order?
In the trees above sang a choir of birds.
What is the denotative meaning of the vocabulary word devout?
Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in vernacular because...
he was inspired by Italian poets such as Dante and Boccaccio.
The underlined words are an example of...

Everybody (bent over backwards) to help Suzie with her project.
In "The Prologue" what tone is used in the description of the Oxford Cleric?
In "The Prologue," what tone is used in the description of the relationship between the Doctor and his apothecary?
In "The Prologue," what does the description of Franklin's table tell about his personality?
He like abundance and comfort.
Which is the inner story of "The Pardoner's Tale"?
the tale of the three rioters
According to the Pardoner, in "The Pardoner's Tale," what is the best way to collect money from people?
openly condemning avarice and greed
Which of the following sentences follows the SVOC pattern?
All of the guest of the party declared it one of the most entertaining ever.
Which of the following events reveal that Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a romance?
Sir Gawain stands up to defend his lord against a supernatural being.
In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, what causes Sir Gawain to feel ashamed at the end of the story?
He has lied to Bertalik about his secret defense weapon.
Which of the following lines for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an example of alliterative verse?
"A shield and a sharp spear that shines like fire." (Line 51)
Which of the following is an appositive in the sentence below?

Fyodor Dostoevsky, one of the greatest novelists of all time, described the challenges of Russian society in his Notes from the Underground.
On of the greatest novelists of all time
Which of the following sentences displays correct use of punctuation?
The Dutch master Rembrandt is famous for his self-portraits.
Which of the following sentences does not contain a dangling modifier?
The Stanleys moved into the house, although it was only half finished.
Identify the word or words best describes the underlined words.

The volunteers provided (the shelter) with new crates, beds and bowls for the dogs.
indirect object
Of all the dioramas that were presented, I believe Jade's was the most (creative).
predicate adjective
The last testimony gave (the judge) a reason to doubt the defendant's version of the story.
indirect object
The discovery represented an (advancement) for science and a (challenge) to conventional thinking.
compound predicate nominative
The pastry chef prepared (cookies) and (cupcakes) for the younger guests.
compound direct object
The Haitian Revolution ended with Haiti's independence (from France).
prepositional phrase
(Comparing the two essays), its obvious that one relied on more thorough research.
participial phrase
(Summarizing a fiction passage) is not as easy as you might think.
gerund phrase
The painter used a thin brush (to paint the foliage in the background).
infinitive phrase
Only two (of his scripts) were accepted y the television producers.
prepositional phrase
Which excerpt from "The Prologue" of the Canterbury Tales best indicates that the Knight is a humble person?
"he never yet a boorish thing had said/ in all his life to any. . ."
What is the mostly likely reason the Chaucer begins The Canterbury Tale's prologue with a description of spring?
to establish the mood of gentle anticipation before introducing characters
In the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses the description of a pilgrimage primarily as....
a device to frame the stories of individual characters