Summer of the Swans Test

Who wrote Summer Of the Swans?
Betsy Byars.
How did Sara feel at the beginning of the book?
She wasn't happy with herself.
What caused Charlie to be retarded?
He had a few high fevers when he was 3.
What made Charlie go out during the night?
He wanted to see the swans again.
What did Sara call Wanda when she got a perm?
Gentle Ben.
According to Aunt Willie, what was the worst thing about Sara?
Her need for revenge
How did Sara skin her legs and knees?
She was climbing to the top of the hill with Joe when she fell.
Why didn't Wanda help look for Charlie?
She had to go to work.
What kind of award did Summer of the Swans win?
The Newberry Award
What did the book say was wrong with Charlie?
He was retarded.
When was the best day of Sara's life?
When she got to be milk monitor.
What doesn't Sara like about Aunt Willie?
She doesn't listen.