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The branch of medicine that deals with the nature of disease, especially with the structural and functional changes caused by disease.

2 Types of Contraindications

Regional/Local and General/Systemic

Regional/Local Contraindications

Conditions related to a specific area of the body.
Massage may be given, but the affected and surrounding area is not manipulated. Examples: sprained ankle, contusion, varicose veins. Also massage may aide in the healing process of some regional conditons by reducing edema, bringing nutrients and O2 to the site, reducing fibrous formations, etc.


This is a condition that should prevent any type of bodywork and that may require a physician's evaluation and approval prior to massage. Examples: fever, acute/chronic illness, terminal illnesses.
Massage: Many chronic conditions can be aided by the use of massage therapy. It is important for the practitioner to learn about the disease to facilitate the healing process.

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