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US History 122 Final Exam

True or False: In the late nineteenth century, more people moved from rural areas to the cities than from the East to the West.
True or False: In analyzing American society, Thorstein Veblen first used the terms "conspicuous consumption" and "conspicuous leisure."
True or False: By 1900, seven railroad groups controlled two thirds of the nation's railroad mileage.
True or False: Joseph Glidden's invention of barbed wire in 1873 helped protect the cotton fields of Nebraska.
By 1900, a greater proportion of the population was urbanized in the...
Pacific Coast
True or False: In 1890, eighty percent of New Yorkers were foreign-born.
The Radical Republicans argued that control of the southern states was...
an issue for Congress to deal with, not the president.
"In all things that are purely social we can be as separate as the five fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress," advocated...
Booker T. Washington
The social gospel encouraged...
community services and helping the poor.
Sears, Roebuck and Company became the nation's largest retailer by...
All of these
True or False: In 1880, one out of every six children was working full-time.
Combining all of the elements of an industry from raw materials to finished product, even including distribution and sales, is called...
The federal government contributed to the expansion of business with...
All of these
In the 1880s, the source of foreign immigration to the United States shifted from...
northwestern Europe to southeastern Europe.
The first big business in the United States was in...
In the 1890s, Dr. James Naismith...
invented basketball
True or False: The Homestead Strike of 1892 involved western farmers upset over low agricultural prices, high railroad shipping rates, and continued attacks by Indians.
The chief accomplishment of the New South movement was...
the development of the textile industry.
Southern blacks who migrated to Kansas were called...
The Morrill Tariff and the transcontinental railroad demonstrated the federal government's...
support for business interests.
True or False:
Women's suffrage gained important victories in the late 1800s...
In the West
True or False: The Morrill Act granted each state land grants to establish colleges promoting agricultural and mechanical education.
True or False: Radical Reconstruction began in 1867 with the Republicans' new two-thirds majority in Congress after the 1866 elections.
Urban political machines did not...
operate honestly
Johnson's plan of Reconstruction was like Lincoln's, except that it required...
that persons who owned property worth $20,000 apply personally to the president for a pardon.
Andrew Carnegie's "Gospel of Wealth" explained...
the virtues of the law of competition
True or False: James Buchanan Duke played a key role in the development of the cigarette industry
As a result of racial segregation...
new economic opportunities were opened by blacks
Carpetbaggers and scalawags generally...
supported the Republican party
The first transcontinental railroad was completed in...
The president of the United States used federal troops to end the strike at...
Pullman, Illinois
Black political influence during Reconstruction...
consisted mainly of voting in elections
In the 1890s, the disenfranchisement of blacks was...
often achieved by literacy tests and poll taxes
True or False: The southern crop-lien system encouraged the growing of cotton.
A program of "ceaseless agitation"' for blacks demanding their rights was proposed by...
W. E. B. Du Bois
One effect of urban sanitary reforms was...
a decline in diseases such as typhoid fever
The organization that wanted to be "one big union" for all workers was the...
Industrial Workers of the World
True or False: "Nativism" was the belief that immigrants could and should be Americanized quickly.
True or False: After the Civil War, each former slave received forty acres and a mule to establish economic independence.
True or False: Utah only entered the Union after the Mormons abandoned the practice of polygamy.
True or False: Andrew Johnson missed being removed from office by one vote in the Senate.
True or False: The "black codes" were laws passed by the Radical Reconstruction governments to give equal rights to former slaves.
The following is true of Anarchists except:
They were led by Karl Marx
True or False: The Bourbons started the convict leasing system to save money for the government.
John D. Rockefeller stands out among business leaders because of his...
innovative organization called vertical integration
Northerners lost interest in the civil rights of the freedmen because they...
All of these
The frontier thesis of Frederick Jackson Turner emphasized...
the democratic values found on the frontier
The larger sources of immigration to the West were...
Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Ireland
In 1882, Congress passed legislation to exclude immigrants from...
True or False: The center of the black community was the black church.
The African American's role in Reconstruction did not involve...
supporting the integration of southern schools.
True or False: The Freedmen's Bureau was the first federal experiment in social welfare
True or False: J. P. Morgan's life was an example of rags to riches.
Radical Republican governments lasted...
longest in the Deep South which had the largest African American population
The "battle of the currents" involved...
Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse
True or False: Ellis Island in 1892 became the gateway of entry for immigrants from Asia.
True or False: The leader of the social gospel movement was Walter Rauschenbusch.
True or False: All Indians finally became citizens of the United States in 1924.
Jane Addams was a pioneer in the...
settlement house movement