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:( Mrs. Pruett


a person applying for a job

application form

the tool that employers use to find out basic information about job applicants


a person who works with you


amount of money taken from an employee's gross pay for taxes, insurance, social securtiy, and other benefits


treating someone unfairly because of his or her race, religion, or sex


the person who has hires someone to do a job

fringe benefits

extras provided by employers (other than wages)

gross pay

the total amount of an employee's earnings before deductions are taken out

help-wanted ads

notices that employers put in the classified section of the paper describing their job openings


a formal meeting between an employer and job applicant about a job opening

job lead

any information about possible job openings

net pay

the amount of a paycheck after the deductions are taken out


a resource that involves communication information with others


an action or series of actions determined by an employer for a specific process


being on time for work


a person who will give a favorable report of a jov applicant to the employer


a short written description of an applicant's personal data, education, and experience, relatied to a job


fixed amount of money earned, regardless of hours worked

screen out

to eliminate unwanted applicants


payment for work, usually figured by the hour

work ethic

rules of behavior in the workplace

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