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The first national park was


what gave the president authority to declare selected public lands as national monuments

The Antiquities Act

land trusts are

private nonprofit groups

The SLOSS dilemma involves controversy over

habitat fragmentation and preserve design

Paper parks are

areas protected on paper but not in reality due to lack of funding

The area effect of the equilibrium theory of island biogeography suggests that

the number of species increases with the size of the island; all else being equal, larger islands contain more species

"Edge effects" are a particular problem when

formerly large habitats are reduced to small fragments

There are groups of tropical birds, such as trogons and parrots, that are usually considered to live in Central America and the mountains of southern and central Mexico. Small populations of these birds migrate into the United States each year. It is probably true that

more of these birds are found in the mountains of New Mexico and Arizona than in the mountains of Colorado, Utah, or Nevada

Large predators and omnivores, such as mountain lions and bears, roam these mountain ranges. Which of the following statements is true?

Because of habitat fragmentation, the individual populations of these Sky Islands have less genetic diversity than they did in the past.

Because the pine-oak woodlands of the Sky Islands of Mexico and the United States have a large number of endemic species and have lost large amounts of habitat to development, they have been listed as one of the ________.

biodiversity hotspots of Conservation International

A population of birds is found on a remote island. Which of the following information is most important in deciding if the birds all belong to a single species?

Whether the matings produce viable eggs or offspring of some matings are sterile.

Which scientists classify species using an organism's physical appearance and genetic makeup?


The greatest diversity (numbers of different species) of organisms can be found in ________.


what can change local species diversity but not global diversity?

immigration and extirpation

Which of the following can change global species diversity?

speciation and extinction

Which statement about biodiversity is true

Biodiversity can be measured at different levels including genetic diversity, species diversity, and ecosystem diversity.

Global biodiversity exists in a number of patterns. The largest and most obvious of these is that biodiversity is _____.

greatest at the equator and drops as you move farther north or south

Which group of organisms is the most important in terms of contributing the most species to global biodiversity?


Of the taxonomic levels below, two species that are in the same _____ are most closely related evolutionarily.


what populations would have the best chance of coping with environmental changes and persisting?

a population of humans originally from countries all over the world

what can increase species richness globally


what is a true statement regarding species richness

Species richness typically increases as one moves towards the equator.

Biological diversity can be applied at _____ level(s) of biological organization.

all (diversity of species, their genes, their populations, their communities, and their ecosystems)

According to the principles of island biogeography and the species -area curve, in these Sky Islands there are ________.

more beetles and butterflies than reptiles

The World Conservation Union's Red List includes several species of birds and amphibians that live in these Sky Islands. This indicates that these species ________.

face high risks of extinction

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