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Respiration, Fermentation and Photosynthesis

small quiz
where energy comes from
the sun
forms of energy
heat, electricity, light
photosynthesis equation
carbon dioxide + water + energy = glucose and oxygen
chemical compound that stores and releases energy, has one less phosphate
Which cycle is light independant?
Calvin cycle
where respiration takes place
respiration equation
glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide
When respiration happens
all the time!
3 parts of respiration
1. glycosis
2. Kreb's cycle
3. Electron transport chain
first part of respiration, breaks glucose into two pyruvic acids
krebs cycle
when most of ATP's (energy) is produced, 2nd part of respiration
Total ATPs made
an anaerobic way to make energy
two types of fermentation
1. alcoholic
2. lactic acid fermentation
yeast and bacteria
alcoholic fermentation
when humans and animals vigorously exercise
lactic acid fermentation
carbon dioxide
byproduce measured in balloon