Quantitative Statistics CH 1

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ratio scaleThe scale of measurement for a variable if the data demonstrate all the properties of interval data and the ratio of two values is meaningful. Ratio data are always numeric.categorical dataLabels or names used to identify an attribute of each element. Categorical data use either the nominal or ordinal scale of measurement and may be nonnumeric or numeric.quantitative dataNumeric values that indicate how much or how many of something. Quantitative data are obtained using either the interval or ratio scale of measurement.more alternatives for statistical analysis are possible when data are _________quantitative.Cross-sectional dataData collected at the same or approximately the same point in time.Time series dataData collected over several time periods.the number of ________ is always the same as the number of elements.observationsThe number of measurements obtained for each element equals the number of ________variablesthe total number of data items can be determined by multiplying the number of _____ by the number of _______elements/observations, variablesdiscretehow manycontinuoushow mucherror in data acquisitionoccurs whenever the data value obtained is not equal to the true or actual value that would be obtained with a correct proceduredescriptive statisticsTabular, graphical, and numerical summaries of data.meanaveragepopulationThe set of all elements of interest in a particular study.SampleA sample is a subset of the population.censusA survey to collect data on the entire population.sample surveyA survey to collect data on a sample.statistical inferenceThe process of using data obtained from a sample to make estimates or test hypotheses about the characteristics of a population.data warehousingthe process of capturing, storing, and maintaining the datadata miningmethods for developing useful decision-making info from large databasesFor ease of data entry into a university database, 1 denotes that the student is an undergraduate and 2 indicates that the student is a graduate student. In this case data are:b. categorical.Data collected at the same, or approximately the same, point in time are:b. cross-sectional data.The number of people waiting in a line is an example of _________ data?quantitativeIn a questionnaire, respondents are asked to mark their gender as male or female. Gender is an example of a:c. categorical variable.Quantitative data are always ________numeric.Data collected over several time periods are:c. time series data.In a questionnaire, respondents are asked to record their age in years. Age is an example of a:d. quantitative variable.When the data are labels or names used to identify an attribute of the elements and the rank of the data is meaningful, the variable has which scale of measurement?d. ordinalQuantitative data that measure how many are ________; quantitative data that measure how much are ________.d. discrete; continuousWhen the data are labels or names used to identify an attribute of the elements, the variable has which scale of measurement?d. nominal