Las prepositiones que se emplean con ciertos verbos

Prepositions a, de, con, and en in Encuentros Maravillosos, Chapter 10.
acostumbrarse a
to be in the habit of
aprender a
to learn to
atreverse a
to dare (to do something)
comenzar a
to begin to (c)
empezar a
to begin to (e)
enseñar a
to teach someone to do something
llegar a
to go so far as to
negarse a
to refuse to
obligar a
to obligate someone to do something
volver a
to do something again
acabar de
to have just
acordarse de
to remember to do something
alegrarse de
to be glad to
dejar de
to stop; to give up
olvidarse de
to forget something
tratar de
to try to; to be about
amenazar con
to threaten with
contar con
to count on
soñar con
to dream of or about
consentir en
to agree to
consistir en
to consist of
insistir en
to insist on
tardar en
to take long doing something