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Chapter 33 Quiz

A sponge's structural materials (spicules, spongin) are manufactured by the
While snorkeling, a student observes an active marine animal that has a series of muscular tentacles bearing suckers associated with its head. Segmentation is not observed, but a pair of large, well-developed eyes is evident. The student is observing an animal belonging to which class?
Generally, members of which flatworm class(es) are nonparasitic?
An elementary school science teacher decided to liven up the classroom with a salt-water aqaurium. The teacher decided to stock the tank with various marine invertebrates, including a polychaete, a siliceous sponge, several bivalves, a shrimp, several sea anemones, a colonial hydra, a few coral species, an ectorproct, a sea star, and several gastropods. Lastly, some vertebrates - a parrotfish & a clownfish - were added.
If the teacher had used a dissecting microscope to examine the outer surface of the empty bivalve shells, the teacher would probably have seen marks that had been left by
tube feet
One day, little Tommy go the urge to pet Nemo who was swimming among the waving petals of an underwater "flower" that had a big hole in the middle. Tommy giggled because the petals were sticky feeling. Hours later, TOmmy was in the nurse's office with nausea & cramps. Microscopic examination of his fingers would probably have revealed the presence of
The bivalves started to die one by one; only the undamaged shells remaind. To keep the remaining bivalves alive, the teacher would have had to remove the
Which of the following is a diploblastic phylum of aquatic predators?
A stalked, sessile marine organism has several feathery feeding structures surrounding an opening through which food enters. The organism could potentially be a cnidarian, a lophophore, a tube-dwelling worm, a crustacean, or an echinoderm. Finding which of the following in this organism would allow the greatest certainty of identification?
water vascular system
A terrestrial animal species is discovered with the following larval characteristics: exoskeleton, system of tubes for gas exchange, and modified segmentation. A knowledgeable zoologist should predict that its adults would also feature
an open circulatory system
Protostomes with a unique drape of tissue that may secrete a shell are part of which phylum?
Among the invertebrate phyla, phylum Arthropoda is unique in possessing members that have
Which of the following are characteristics of the phylum Cnidaria?
gastrovascular cavity, a polyp stage, a medusa stage & cnidocytes
Corals are most closely related to which group?
sea anemones
In terms of food capture, which sponge cell is most similar to the cnidocytes of a Cnidarian?
Which cells in a sponge are primarily responsible for trapping and removing food particles from circulating water?
Which molluscan class includes organisms that are primarily suspension feeders?
Which of the following describe(s) echinoderms?
they have an endoskeleton of hard calcareous plates & tube feet provide motility in most species
What distinguishes complete metamorphosis from incomplete metamorphosis in insects?
radically different appearance between adults and earlier life stages
Some species of which of the following annelid classes release an anticoagulant that is of medical significance?
hirudinea (leeches)
Which of the following is true of members of the phylum Cnidaria?
they may use a gastrovascular cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton
Deuterstomes that have an endoskeleton are part of which phylum?
Which of the following correctly characterizes the phylum Rotifera?
parthenogenic reproduction
A lophophore is used by ectoprocts and brachiopods
for feeding
Protostomes that have an open circulatory system and an exoskeleton of chitin are part of which phylum?
Protostomes that have a closed circulatory system and obvious segmentation are part of which phylum?
The larvae of many common tapeworm species that infect humans are usually found
encysted in the muscles of an animal, such as a cow or pig
Humans most frequently acquire trichinosis by
eating undercooked pork
Which characteristic is shared by both cnidarians and flatworms?
a digestive system with a single opening
A land snail, a clam, and an octopus all share
a mantle
Which of the following is correctly associated with sponges?
Which phylum is characterized by animals that have a segmented body?
A radially symmetrical animal that has two embryonic tissue layers probably belongs to which phylum?
The heartworms that can accumulate within the hearts of dogs and other mammals have a pseudocoelum, an alimentary canal, and an outer covering that is occaisionally shed. To which phylum does the heartworm belong?