29 terms

Religion Chapter 17

Test for the day of 4-27-12
a sorrow that is expressed in the form of a poem
the book of lamentations
contains five such poems
prophet jermiah
firm faith in God's love could comfort the people
called the people back to God and condemned all forms of social injustice, idolatry, and superstition
the flase belief that living creatures or things possess powers that in fact they do not have
in who's vision the glory of God bandoned Jerusalem?
who's vision showed, God rejected Jerusalem and the Temple as his dwellin place?
during the time of exile who began to offer words of hope and comfort to the people?
the exiles in Babylon, who's people were afraid and confused, but this experiences also helped them to grow?
Who called their religion Judaism?
Like faith, what is a gift from God?
enables us to trust in God's promise to be with us always?
as Christians what do we beilieve that God showed us ?
his great love by sending his only Son to us
in who God's love is made present to us, so our hope is in Christ?
Jesus Christ
Book of Job
this book reminds us that suffering is a part of life for all people.
Book of Psalms
this book is a collection of poetic prayers and songs known a psalms
Book of Proverbs
this book ieves advice of how to live
Book of Ecclesiastes
this book teaches us that riches, pleasure, and even wisdom, only bring happiness for a while
Song of Songs
this book is a collection of love poems that use symbolic language to help us understand God's love for us and our covenant relationship with him
Book of fWisdom
this book is designed to urge people to live a good and holy life
Book of Sirach ( or Ecclesiasticus)
this book deals with growing in faith and teaches that we can grow in faith by lving a good and holy life
who was a wealthy man?
who had a wonderful wife, a large family, many relatives and servntsm and a great number of possessions?
Who lost everything?
who got a dsease?
what stage was the rebuilding project?
what stage was Judah again in danger?
what stage was ezr wanted to reform the religious and social practices in Judah?
wat is the Hebrew name for the first five book of the Old Testament?