Genetics Ch. 4 Terms

5 terms by dganesh

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autosomal recessive trait

1. usually appears in both sexes equally
2. tends to skip generations
3. ffected offspring are usually born to unaffected parents
4. more frequent among the kids of cosanguined marriages

autosomal dominant trait

1. usually appears in both sexes equally
2. both sexes transmit the trait to their offspring
3. does not skip generations
4. affected offspring must have an affected parent
5. unaffected parents do not transmit the trait

X linked reccessive trait

1. usually more males are affected
2. affected sons are usually born to unaffected mothers, trait skips generations
3. never passed from father to son
4. all daughters of affected fathers are carriers

X linked dominant traits

1.both male and females are affected, more females
2. does not skip generations
3. affected fathers will pass the trait on to all their daughters

Y linked trait

1. only males are affected
2. passed from father to son
3. does not skip generations

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