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Peru culture


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What is the capital of Peru?
What type of goverment does Peru have?
constitutional republic
What type of money is used?
nuevo sol
What countries are close to Peru?
Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Bolivia, and Chile
What colors are the flag?
red and white
When and who founded the capital?
1535 and Francisco Pizarro
What is the names of the shopping center in Lima?
How long is the hike up the Cordiller de los Andes?
6,000 metros
What is the name of the highest lake?
El lago Titicaca
Where can you find many monkeys, cats, birds and plants?
El Parque Nacional del Manu
What does the El mercado de Pisac reflect?
Incan traditions
What is the lost city?
Machu Picchu
What civilization lived in Machu Picchu
When was Machu Picchu discovered?
What does Machu Piccu demonstrate?
the advanced pre-columbian culture
What was notable about la iglesia de Santo Domingo?
the combination of Inca and colonial styles
What reflects the catedral en la Plaza Mayor en Lima?
the Spanish heritage of the city
Who are expert weavers?
the quecha peasants
What textiles do the quecha use?
lana de alpaca
How can the Nazca figures be seen?
only from the air
What did Julio Quispe Virhues paint?
How do you know the walls of the building are made with great precision?
A knife cannot fit between two stones
What sports do they practice?
Mountanering, sking, and kayaking
What is the national dance?
la marienera
Describe the Concurso Nacional del Caballo Peruano de Paso.
Celebrates el caballo nacional de Perú. It is a big holiday with elegant parades that last one week.
What is el ají?
a chilli pepper, which is a hot pepper
What is ceviche?
Plate of fish with lemon, onion, green pepper, and corn or sweet potato
What are the three geographrical regions that ar ein Perú?
la costa, la seiva, y la sierra
Where does the Amazon river begin, what crosses it, and where does it end?
Andes, selva peruana, Atlantic Ocean in Brasil
What is the most arid region of Peru?
la costa
How do you say cuzqueñas in English?
people from Cuzco
What are the totora rafts?
aplant that grows in arillas del lag
How do you say balsa de totora in English?
raft or boat made of reed
Where is the church?