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math 099

math terms and formala's
place value system
number system in which the location, or place,where a digit is written gives it a different value
number line
like a thermometer turned sideways,used to show how numbers relate to each other
are whole numbers and there opposites
comparing integers
use less than, equal to,or greater than
additive inverse
everyone in the number line has an evil twin,inverse= opposite sign
absolute value
think of GOD, when talking to him you want the results to be positive
tells us to multiply the base by itself, equal to the value of the exponent
one (1) raised to any power, answer is always 1
anything raised to the zero exponent equals zero
if the value of the variable equals a negitive integer,place the negative value in parenthesis
commutative property of addition
changing the order of two addends does not change the sum
associative property of addition
changing the grouping of addends does not change the sum
when using the associative property to make the addition of a group of numbers easier:look for two numbers whose sum is zero,look for two numbers whose sum is a multiple of ten,sum ends in o
NOTE cont.
if neither of these occur look for two numbers that are easier for you to add.
to subtract
we add, its additive inverse
4 opporations in math
addition, subtraction,multiplication,and division
rules for signed numbers ADDITION
if the signs are the same add the numbers,take the sign,if the signs are different subtract the numbers,take the sign of the larger number
change the sign of the secound number.then follow rules for addition
multiply the numbers,if the signs are the same the answer is positive,if signs are different answer is negative
divide the numbers, if sign is the same answer is positive, if different the answer is negative
numerical expressions
please,we want good parenthesis or one integer,solve the absolute value,excuse,exponent,my dear, multiplication or divisionread left to rightdo one oporation at a time
1st find the oporation
first integer- rewrite it,2 subtraction- change to addition 3) 2nd integer- write its additive inverse(4) apply the addition rules
algebraic expressions
only two rules (1) replace each variable with its value (2) use the rules (PEMDAS)