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  1. the hippocampus and frontal lobes are immature during early infancy
  2. reaction formation
  3. early adulthood
  4. medulla
  5. framing
  1. a A $100 coat marked down from $150 can seem like a better deal than the same coat priced regularly at $100. This best illustrates the importance of
  2. b Four-year-old Karen can't remember anything of the first few months of her life. This is best explained by the fact that
  3. c The part of the brainstem that controls heartbeat and breathing is called the
  4. d Parents who disguise hostility toward their children by becoming overly protective of them are very likely using the defense mechanism of
  5. e Physical abilities such as muscular strength, reaction time, sensory keenness, and cardiac output reach their peak during

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  1. In studying human behavior, contemporary psychologists rely most heavily on
  2. Paul and Michael sell magazine subscriptions by telephone. Paul is paid $1.00 for every five calls he makes, while Michael is paid $1.00 for every subscription he sells, regardless of the number of calls he makes. Paul's telephoning is reinforced on a ________ schedule, whereas Michael's is reinforced on a ________ schedule.
  3. Maslow placed _____________ at the base of his hierarchy of need.
  4. The genome is the complete
  5. A televised image of a starving child had a greater impact on Mr. White's perception of the extensiveness of world hunger than did a statistical chart summarizing the tremendous scope of the problem. This suggests that his assessment of the world hunger problem is influence by

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  1. explicitAlex is suffering from Schizophrenia. This is most closely linked with excess receptor activity for the neurotransmitter


  2. parasympathetic nervous systemAfter discovering that the shadows outside his window were only the trees in the yard, Ralph's blood pressure decreased and his heartbeat slowed. These physical reactions were most directly regulated by his


  3. observational learningChildren of abusive parents often learn to be aggressive by imitating their parents. This illustrates the importance of


  4. increase; increaseCompared with identical twins, fraternal twins are ________ similar in neuroticism and ________ similar in risk of divorcing.


  5. the thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories, of which we are largely unaware.A person's behavior is most likely to be consistent with his or her attitudes when