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  1. prototype
  2. somewhat different images our two eyes receive of the same object
  3. science
  4. amplitude
  5. pressure, pain, warmth, and cold
  1. a The loudness of sounds is determined by the _________ of sound waves
  2. b In studying human behavior, contemporary psychologists rely most heavily on
  3. c Eva had difficulty recognizing that a se horse was a fish because it did not closely resemble her fish
  4. d Retinal disparity refers to the
  5. e The sense of touch includes the four basic senstations of

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  1. B. F. Skinner's critics have claimed that he neglected the importance of the individual's
  2. Watson and Rayner's study of Little Albert demonstrated how specific fears
  3. Sensory restriction is much more likely to hinder visual development in early infancy than during other times of life. This suggests that there is a(n) _________ for normal visual development
  4. Physical abilities such as muscular strength, reaction time, sensory keenness, and cardiac output reach their peak during
  5. Perceiving objects as unchanging even as illumination and retinal images change is known as

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  1. cognitive dissonanceFernando's favorable attitude toward capital punishment began to change when he was asked to offer arguments opposing it in a university debate class. His attitude change is best explained by _________ theory


  2. stimulants; depressantsAmphetamines are to ________ as barbiturates are to ________.


  3. pruningThe selective loss of unused connections among brain cells is called


  4. the availability heuristicDr. Wolski conducts research on the potential relationship between neurotransmitter deficiencies and mood states. Dr. Wolski's research focus is most characteristic of


  5. primingHEaring the word "rabbit" may lead people to spell the spoken work "hair" as "hare." This best illustrates the outcome of a process known as