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  • Bitmap/Raster Images uses
  • Vectors uses
  • Greater the number of pixels
    greater the resolution
  • Pixels are
    Smallest element of an image
  • Vectors can
    easily be resized
  • Raster can
    not be easily resized
  • Cropping is the process of
    removing part of an image.
  • Resizing
    Increasing or decreasing an image, and still maintain aspect ratio.
  • Constrain Proportions
    Maintains aspect ratio
  • Skewing
    An effect that distorts a block of text or a graphic.
  • Shadowing/Drop Shadow
    used to create a three dimensional effect
  • Fill
    A pattern, color or tint applied to the inside of a closed object.
  • Stroke
    Color of the Line.
  • Text Wrap
    An option for controlling whether and how text flows around a graphic or another object.
  • Grouping
    Ability to combine two or more objects into a single unit.
  • Layering
    Placing text and images on top of each other in a design.
  • Opacity
    see through one object
  • Watermark
    A pale image or text imprinted into paper.
  • A monitor produces color by
    Mixing RGB color
  • A printer produces color by
    Mixing CMYK color
  • Monitor produces color
    Differently than a printer
  • Complementary colors
    Those across from each other
  • Analogous colors
    Those right next to each other
  • Warm colors
    Orange/red side of color wheel
  • Cool colors
    Blue side of color wheel
  • Color Communication BLACK
    Classic, Strong, Powerful