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henry david thoreau

what did thoreau hope to do at walden? how might being there have helped him acheive his goal?

the essence of life; walden offered a simple life that helped him live intensely

why did thoreau leave walden? what might this suggest about him?

he had many other lives to live; wanted to get many more experiences in life

what did thoreau learn at walden?

truly believes if take time to make goals for self, can truly achieve

according to thoreau, what should people do about the complexity of their lives?

simplify life, cut out excessive things

what is thoreau's opinion of newspapers?

pointless because one know principle of thing, why look at different instances and get emotionally attached

what is the metaphor thoreau uses to describe time?

time is the river i go fishing in

according to thoreau, how can people achieve true success?

if one advances confidently in direction of his dreams and endeavors to live life which he has imagined

what should one do with castles built in the air?

build foundations under them

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