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Which of the following animals is incorrectly paired with its feeding mechanism?

lion-substrate feeder

If you were to jog a mile a few hours after lunch, which stored fuel would you probably tap?

muscle and liver glycogen

Individuals whose diet consists primarily of corn would likely become


The mammalian trachea and esophagus both open into the


Which of the following enzymes has the lowest pH optimum?


Which of the following organs is incorrectly paired with its function?

large intestine-bile production

Enteropeptidase, an enzyme bound to the intestinal epithelium, has which of the following actions?

activates pancreatic enzymes

After surgical removal of an infected gallbladder, a person must be especially careful to restrict his or her dietary intake of


Our oral cavity, with its dentition, is most functionally analogous to an earthworm's


The symbiotic microbes that help nourish a ruminant live mainly in specialized regions of the


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