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Followed Chivalry, won 15 battles, his bearing was modest as a maid, he worse a futisan tunic stained from his armor, was going to give thanks on trip, and is admired.


Age 20, locks are curly, hopes to wine his lady's grace, his tunic is embroidered with red and white, knows how to joust, dance,and draw, and write, he loved to serve his father, and is amused.


Wore a coat and hood of green, had peacock feathered arrows, carries a sword ans shield, wears a shiny medal of St. Christopher, also brings a jaunty dirk and hunting horn, and is skeptical.

Nun, prioress

Also known as Madame Egalantyne, speaks french through her nose, had a special zest for courtliness, fed dogs with meat and milk, wore a coral trinket and a golden "A" brooch. Is amused.

Monk, Abbott.

Hunting was his sport, his bridle was heard jingling, had greyhounds as fast as birds, robe has fur on it, wore a pin shaped like a lover's knot, a bald head and greasy face, is despised.


He fixes marriages. Gave absolution for a fee; gift, kept his hood full of pins and pocket=knives for girls, his neck was whiter than a lily flower, got a widow's last farthing, and lisped to sound funny. Disgusted.


Bear is forking, dress is motley, hat is Flemish, boots are daintily buckled, talks a lot about his opinions, is an expert as dabbling in exchanges, and is secretly in debt. Doubtful.

Sergeant at Law

Fame and leaning and his high position had won him robes and ire, there was not such conveyancer as he, was less busy than he seemed, knew every judgment since kind William (1066), and no one could pinch a comma form his screeds. skeptical.

Oxford Cleric

Horse as thin as a rake, had a hollow look, a sober stare, had 20 books, spent his money on learning, was respectful, and had a tone of moral virtue. Admired


Has white beard and ruddy coloring, drinks whine with morning cake, household free to all the country. many a bream and pike in his pond, wore a dagger and purse of silk, a member of parliament, and as sheriff, checked audits. Amused.

Guilds men

All dressed like one impressive guild-fraternity, knives decorated with silver, each one could have been alderman city councilman (mayor), their wives like being called madam and being seen at church. Amused.


Hired by guilds men, sued sharp power (spices), can tell London ale by flavor, makes thick soup, has an ulcer on his knee, chicken dish is called Hancmange. Disgusted/


Dagger hung form his neck, many a draught of vintage, read and yellow, he's drawn, the rules of conscience ignored, had skill of reckoning tides, barge is called the maudelyne. Despised.


No one could talk as well, grounded in astronomy, apothecaries were ready with the drugs, each made money from the other's guile, kept gold he won in pestilences. Disgusted.

Wife of Bath

Makes cloth, wears 10 pounds of kerchief on her head, nose and face are read, been to 4 places to pilgrim, had 5 spouses, had gaped teeth, knows the remedies for love's mischances. Amused.


Rich in holy thought, preferred giving to poor parishioners, paid calls on his feet and carried a stave, if gold rusts than what will iron do?, tried to show a fair behavior, followed Christ first, admired.


Carried dung, an honest worker, did what the gospel said, helped the poor, paid his tithes on time. Admired.


Could win the ram at wrestling, could creak a door with his head, had a red beard, a wart on his nose, moth as big as a furnace door, stole 3 time his dues form customers, played the bagpipes and went to the front of line, disgusted.


All caterers might follow his example, watched the market precisely, was illiterate, had more wisdom than heap of men, 30 maters who were lawyers of the inner temple, could wipe their eye. Admired.


Old, choleric,and thin, legs like sticks, master's animals totally trusted to him, no one caught him doing anything bad, feared like the plague to those who worked for him, had grown rich and had a store of treasures, was a good carpenter, road hindmost. Skeptical.


Face on fire, narrow eyes, black scabby brows, nothing could cure his whelks of knobby white, loved garlic and onion, spoke in Latin when drunk, would keep secrets when bribed, knew secrets and thus controlled them, wore a garland on his head and carried a cake. Disgusted.


He and summoner were friends, had yellow hair as flax hung in droplets down to shoulders, bulging eyeballs like a hare, wallet full of pardons, voice like a small goat, was a golding or mare, had a pillowcase to sell as Mary's veil, had pig bones in a glass, mad more money than regular priest in offering. Disgusted.

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