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Useful English words and phrases

Some English words and phrases which you can use tem in many situation...
Running Late
(phrase) - Muộn một việc gì đó
- ex 1: The traffic is really bad, so i'm running late.
- ex 2: I am running a bit late, so please start the meeting without me.
- ex 3: Marry is running late, she will be here in 10 minutes.
Got tied up
(phrase) - bạn bận một việc gì đó mà bạn ko tránh được -> bó tay
ex 1: I got tied up in traffic on the way here
ex 2: I was tied up on the phone all afternoon and didn;t get any work done.
ex 3: Sorry i'm late honney, I got tied up at the office.
Ran over
(phrase) - một vài điều vượt qua sự dự liệu (mong muốn) của bạn
ex 1: John always forgets about the time and runs over the time limit for office presentations.
- ex 2: My previous meeting ran over by more than 30 minutes.
Call in sick
(phrase) - thông báo rằng bạn ko thể đến vì lý do sức khỏe
ex 1: Our meeting was postponed because my client called in sick.
ex 2: If he calls in sick one more time boss will fire him for sure.
ex 3: If you want a day off, just call in sick, don;t make stories. Stories are told by liars.
Runny nose
(phrase) - nghẹt mũi, sổ mũi
ex 1: I've been sick with it for about 2 weeks... first week first yucky and runny nose but it got worse second week.
ex 2: Once she began this natural allergy treatment, her runny nose ceased (stopped).
(adj) - bận tâm tới việc gì đó
ex 1: Mary is really preoccupied, i think she's having some family problems.
ex 2: Oh! Were you talking to me honey? I'm sorry; I'm just preoccupied with work.
Blown away
(phrase) - ngạc nhiên
ex: I was blown away when i heard Ram and Rashmi had got married. They have known each other for less than a month.
May I take your
(phrase) - Cách hỏi lịch sự để lấy thông tin từ người khác
ex 1: May I take your phone number?
ex 2: May I take your full name?
(acronym) - As soon as possible - Sớm nhất có thể
ex 1: We need to make an public annoucement of our new product ASAP.
ex: Subscrible to our website ASAP, learning much more things about English.
Never mind
(phrase) - đừng bận tâm, hãy bỏ qua đi
ex 1: Someone stole my walet!
Oh! Never mind! Here it is.
ex 2: The paper is jammed in the printer.
Never mind, i'll take my prints later.
Beat around the bush
(phrase) - nói vòng vo, nói loằng ngoằng
ex: Stop beating around the bush, and say "you want votes from us"
ex 2: Why don't you just come out & say what you want to say? Stop beating around the bush.
ex 3: She tried to beat around the bush but, her mother knew better and forced the truth from her.
(adj) - Nổi tiếng
ex 1: Barack Obama is very prestigous because is the president of the USA, He also went to a very prestigious University...
ex 2: Tom studied at Cambridge, a prestigous university in the World.
Run into
(phrase) - gặp phải (vấn đề), mắc phải (vấn đề)
ex 1: I ran into some problems.
ex 2: John run in to some problems with his project after he lost sponsers.
ex 3: I ran into some problems while installing updates for window XP.
Vacation days
(phrase) - ngày lễ, ngày nghỉ lễ
ex 1: I'm afraid i cannot join to you on this trip. I've used up all my vacation days.
The hassel
(n) - sự phiền toái
ex 1: I hope taking care of my dog while i'm away won't be too much of a hassel for you.