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Building the Jamestown Colony

Who received Queen Elizabeth's permission, to begin a colony in North America? Where was the new colony?
Sir Walter Raleigh.
Who was John White and what did he do?
John White was a colonist and he found a colony that is a mystery today.
What did the Virginia Company of London receive from King James I? ***
The Virginia Company of Londan recieved a Charter from King James the 1'st
What is a charter? ***
A charter is a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company
What was the name of the English colony founded in Virginia in 1607?
Explain the problems faced by the Jamestown colonists?
They died of diseased like malaria. They discovered the area was swampy and the water was bad.
How did John Smith help the colony?
He helped feed the colonists.
Who is Powhatan?
Powhatten is the most powerful indian cheif in the area
Who did John Rolfe marry?
John Rolfe married Pocahontas the duaghter of Powhatten.
What became Jamestown's profitable crop?
What did King James think about smoking?
King James called pipe smoking " a vile costum
What type of reforms took place in 1619 in order to attract more settlers?
Who are burgesses?
burgesses or representatives to the government was a goverment.
What is the House of Burgesses?
The burgesses met in an assembly called the house of burgesses.
What marked the beginning of representative government in the English Colonies?
The Magna Carta
What is representative government?
People got to vote.
Where did the idea that people had political rights come from?
The Magna Carta.
What is the Magna Carta?
The magna carta is a document that said the king can not raise taxes without asking the the nobles and church leaders.
Who signed the Magna Carta?
King John signed the magna carter.
What did the Magna Carta say?
The magna carta or called the Great Charta said the king could not raise taxes.
How was Parliament divided?
Parliament was divided into two things the House of lord and the house of commons.
Who was able to vote in Virginia?
Only white, male property owners could vote.