Wordly Wise Book 9 Lesson 14

15 terms by ItsCole

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v. To gather or collect for one's use or profit; to accumulate.


v. To pronounce distinctly.
To express one's thoughts, feelings, or beliefs in words.


v. To kill or destroy a large portion of a group.


adj. Skillful in the use of hands or mind.


n. A style of clothing; costume.
v. To clothe or dress.


adj. Enjoying the company of others; sociable.


adj. Existing as a natural part of something.


adj. Motherly. Related to or inherited through one's mother.


v. To care for and give sustenance to.
n. The process of raising one's young.


adj. Tending to push oneself forward in an unwelcoming manner.
Noticeable in an undesirable way.


v. To imitate the style of someone or something in order to make fun of it.
n. An imitation that exaggerates for comic effect.


adj. Aggressive; eager to fight or quarrel.


adj. Deserving blame or rebuke.


adj. Easily managed or controlled.


adj. Comical because of strangeness; clownish.

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