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The palatine tonsils, the isthmus facium, the tonsillar (waldeyers ring)


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Tonsilla palatina
sinus tonsillaris
Fossulae tonsillares
Cryptae tonsillares
Capsula tonsillaris
Where is the palatine tonsil found?
As lymphoid tissue in fossa tonsillaris
Plica semilunaris + fossa supratonsillaris
Cryptae tonsillares
12-15 perforations on the medial side of tonsil
What happens to these crypts during tonsilitis?
Fill up with pus --> tonsillar pegs
Fibrous capsule
Separates it from the muscular pharyngeal wall laterally
Arteries of the palatine tonsils
- R. Tonsillaris A. facialis
- Rr. tonsillares a. lingualis
- A. palatina ascendens
- A. pharyngea ascendens
- A. palatina major (a. maxillaris)
Veins of the palatine tonsils
- V. palatina externa (paratonsillar vein)
- Plexus pharyngeus
- V. Facialis
Lymphatic drainage
Nodi lymph cervicales laterales prof.
nn. Tonsillares (ggl. pterygopalatinum)
Waldeyer's lymphoepithelial ring
lymphoid tissue that forms protective barrier at the beginning of digestive and respiratory tract
Which tonsils are included?
Tonsilla pharyngea,
Tonsillae tubariae,
Tonsillae palatinae,
Tonsilla lingualis
1 pharyngeal tonsil
aka adenoid
Located in fornix pharyngis
2 tonsillae tubariae
Where the auditory tube opens into the pharynx
2 tonsillae palatinae
Located in oropharynx
1 tonsilla lingualis
Posterior aspect of tongue