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Deviance is natural


Deviance happens because of power/inequality


Deviance occurs because interaction influences others to become deviant

Strain Theory

Society says you have to be successful. People are failures if they aren't. This success is often measured financially, Not everyone has means to achieve goals. Deviance is committed because the honest options are not available

Modes of Adaptation

Conformity, Innovation, Appearance


Efforts remain legit no matter what


People don't accept the means to achieving goals


People get creative because it's all about appearance

Conflict Theory

1. People completing for power, 2. Social Inequality. Rules are set up against the lower class. They have fewer opportunities. Ruling class will do whatever it takes to maintain power.

Control Theory (Interact)

More interested in why people conform. Why we follow rules. Done by forming bonds. People with weak ties or bonds (in the community) are more likely to be deviant because they act out for attention.

Cultural Transmission

Deviant behavior is learned from others. Mainly your family and friends, but not always. Differential Association (Frequency and closeness)

Labeling Theory

Everyone is deviant, but not everyone is labeled (primary). These people don't consider the acts to be deviant. Secondary Deviance- person is labeled during a degradation ceremony. A court trial- often becomes your master status

Secondary Deviance

A person is labeled during a degradation ceremony

Court Trial

Often times becomes your master status.

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