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双 shuāng m.w.

measure word for a pair (of shoes), etc.

鞋 xié n.


换 huàn v.

to exchange, to change

一样 yí yàng adj.

same, alike (used in comparison, etc.)

虽然 suī rán conj.

although (used with but as in 虽然。。。但是。。。, 虽然。。。可是。。。)

大小 dà xiǎo n.

size (as in "大小合适"--the size is right)

咖啡色 kā fēi sè n.

brown or coffee color

种 zhǒng m.w.

measure word for kinds, sorts, types
(can be used with 样子 "这种样子")

黑 hēi adj.

black, dark

样子 yàng zi n.


挺 tǐng adv.

rather, pretty (as in 挺好, 挺好看)

它 tā pr..


这儿 zhè r pr.


刷卡 shuā kǎ v.o.

to pay with a credit card

收 shōu v.

to receive, to accept

不过 bú guò conj.

however, but

再 zài adv.


付钱 fù qián v.o.

to pay

信用卡 xìn yòng kǎ n.

credit card

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