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Made by Vasili Papa and Elena Copell<3

John Marshall

Federalist appointed by John Adams, was the chief justice of the U.S

Marbury V. Madison

a case that helped establish the Supreme Courts power to check the power of the other branches of the gov.

Judicial Review

the power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.

Louisiana Purchase

an agreement which roughly doubled the size of the U.S

Meriwether Lewis

an army captain chosen to explore the west

William Clark

co-leader of the expedition

Louis and Clark Expedition

long journey to explore the Louisiana Purchase


a Shoshone from the Rocky Mountains who served as a guide and interpreter

Zebulon Pike

a young army officer who was sent on another mission to the west

USS Constitution

a large warship


the practice of forcing people to serve in the army or navy


the banning of trade

Embargo Act

the law that essentially banned all trade with foreign countries

Non-Intercourse Act

new law banned trade with only Britain, France, and their colonies


Shawnee Chief that watched angrily as Native American were pushed off their land

Battle of Tipppecanoe

led to a defeat that destroyed Tecumseh's dream of a great Indian Confederation

War Hawks

young members in Congress that took the lead in calling for war against British

James Madison

president elected in 1808 that wanted to stay out of war with Britain

Oliver Hazard Perry

was sent to break Britain's Control of Lake Erie

Battle of Lake Erie

when Oliver Hazard Perry sailed out to meet the British on September 10th

Andrew Jackson

gathered about 2,000 volunteers to move against the creek nation

Treaty of Fort Jackson

signed late in 1814 ended the Creek war and forced the Creek to give up millions of acres of land.

Battle of New Orleans

Made Andrew Jackson the hero and was the last major conflict of the war in 1812

Hartford Convention

Federalists agreed to oppose the war and send delegates meet with Congress.

Treaty of Ghent

The treaty which had been signed in Belgium on December 24th, 1814, ended the war of 1812.

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