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Anatomy Final Test

The band composed only of thin myofilaments
The disease in children called "rickets" is known as ______ in adult
Which statement about enzymes is false?
Enzymes are Organic Catalysts
One functional unit of skeletal muscle is?
The pancreas and liver work together to maintain homeostasis through?
negative feedback
The functions of centrioles include?
organizing the mitotic spindle in cell division
Which of the following is not usual result of exercise?
increase in the number of myofibrils within the muscle cells
The vital centers for control of heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure are located in the?
In bone formation, a deficiency of growth hormone will cause
decreased proliferation of the epiphyseal plate cartilage
Atom X has seventeen protons. How many electrons are in its valence shell?
The numbers listed represent the first, second, and third energy levels, respectively. On this basis, which of the following is an unstable or reactive atom?
Which statement is not true concerning characteristics of life?
Each organ system is isolated from all other body systems
Which of the following is a principle of the fluid mosaic model of cell membrane structure?
Phospholipids form a bilayer that is largely impermeable t water-soluble molecules
The membrane lining the medullary canal is the____
All of the following are structures of the limbic system except:
caudate nucleus
Which of these would you not find in the cerebral cortex?
fiber tracts
Which one of the following planes would result in sections containing both the lungs and the heart?
1 and 2
When globular protein has its hydrogen bonds broken, it becomes:
This occurs in the electron transport system:
anaerobic respiration
A coronal plane would divide the body:
verically into anterior and posterior parts
The majority of ATP synthesis occurs during:
electron transport chain
The term "pollex" refers to the:
An action potential:
is essential for impulse propagation
Salts are always:
ionic compounds
Glycolysis is the only phase:
that does not require oxygen
In the left cerebral hemisphere we possess areas of functioning in speech. The area involved in comprehension of the written and spoken language is called:
Wernicke's area
Mitosis is:
division of a cell
A rapid repetitive series of threshold stimuli leading to a single, fused, sustained contraction is:
sumation of contraction
Strong muscle contractions are controlled by:
increasing the voltage up to maximum voltage
One of the functional characteristics of life is irritability. This refers to:
sensing changes in the environment and then reacting or responding to them.
Which of the following statements is true concerning feedback mechanisms?
Negative feedback mechanisms work to prevent sudden severe changes within the body
Smooth muscle is significantly different from striated muscle in several ways. Which of the following is true?
Smooth muscle shortens and stretches to a greater extent than does striated muscle
A neuronal circuit that concentrates or directs a large number of incoming impulses to a rather small number of neurons is called:
converging circuit
The role of acetylcholinestrerase is to:
destroy ACh a brief period after its release by the axonal endings
The ventricles that lie within the cerebral hemispheres are the:
lateral ventricles
When Acetylcholine diffuses across the synaptic cleft and binds to receptors on the folded sarcolemma it initally causes____ channels to open in the sarcolemma.
chemically-grated Na+
A contraction in which the muscle changes in length with the same tension applied to it is called:
isotonic contraction
An individual accidentally transected the spinal cord betweenT1 and L2. This would result in:
Smooth muscles that act like skeletal muscles but are controlled by autonomic nerves and hormones are:
multiunit muscles
The universal loss of bone mass seen in the skeleton, which begins about the age of 40:
reflects an imbalance in the bone remodeling process
________is a suspension
Select the correct statement about synapses
The synaptic cleft prevents an impulse from being transmitted directly from one neuron to another
Most muscles contain:
a mixture of fiber types
The subarachnoid space lies between what two layers of meninges?
arachnoid and dura
Which statement is the most correct regarding transcription/translation?
The nucleotide sequence in a tRNA anticodon is an exact copy of the DNA triplet that coded for it except that uracil is substituted for thymine
Which one of the following statements is correct regarding diffusion?
The greater the concentration gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion
Spastic paralysis suggests involvement of the :
upper motor neurons
Chromosomal centromeres split and chromosomes migrate to opposite ends of the cell in which of the following?
Which of the following would not be functional characteristics of life?
The band formed due to the overlapping of thick and thin myofilaments