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it's the spanish unit 11 vocab... we have a quiz on it on FRIDAY, MAY FOURTH!!!

the jeweler(male)

el joyero

the jewelery store

la joyería

the jeweler (female)

la joyera

the jewelery

las joyas

the gift/present

el regalo

the bracelet

el brazalete

the necklace

el collar

the key ring/ key chain

el llavero

the shoe store

la zapatería

the male shoemaker

el zapatero

the female shoemaker

la zapatera

the handbags, bags

las bolsas

the belt

el citurón

the shoes

los zapatos

the sandals

las sandalias

the record store

la tienda de discos

the record

el disco

the compact disc

el disco compacto

the cassette

el casete

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