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This is a set 50 vocabulary words that will be on the COMM 1100 final exam.


using threats, intimidation, or violence to gain compliance


influencing others' attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors

value proposition

"People should wait until they are in their thirties to marry" is an example of what kind of preposition?

proposition of fact

propositions that make a claim about what is or what is not true


Which type of audience is typically the hardest to persuade?

social needs

in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the desire to be accepted and liked by other people and the need for love, affection, and affiliation

self actualization

For many years, the U.S. Army used the slogan "be all you can be" to appeal to potential recruits using which of Maslow's hierarchical needs?

elaboration likelihood model

____________ highlights the importance of relevance to persuasion. It is based on the belief that listeners process persuasive messages through either central processing or peripheral processing, depending on how important the message is to them.

anything other than ethos, pathos, or logos

All of the following are included in Aristotle's forms of rhetorical proof except ___________.


Showing goodwill toward an audience helps a persuasive speaker achieve which of Aristotle's forms of rhetorical proof?


_________ occurs when the speaker draws general conclusions based on specific evidence.


In a speech persuading his audience to visit Starbucks Coffee, Miguel attempts to prove to his audience that Starbucks has the best coffee and provides the greatest service of all cafes. He reminds his audience that "Starbucks cafes are everywhere, and they're clearly the most popular coffee places in town." What logical fallacy has Miguel committed?

red herring

In which argumentative fallacy does the speaker provide a bit of irrelevant evidence to support his or her argument, thereby diverting the direction of the argument?


The following main points for a persuasive speech follow which organizational pattern?
I. Our precious farmlands and the natural habitats of many species of animals are being swallowed up by urban sprawl.
II. Urban sprawl is the result of poor city planning but is ultimately fueled by our desire to own bigger and bigger homes regardless of our actual space needs.
III. We can reduce urban sprawl and help preserve our remaining natural areas by enforcing an urban growth boundary and by making the personal choice to purchase existing homes or new construction in existing neighborhoods.


In a speech persuading his audience to support AIDS vaccination trials in sub-Saharan Africa, Joshua showed his audience images of children who have been orphaned because their parents were among the millions of Africans infected with HIV who have lost their lives to the pandemic. Josh is using these images to create what type of rhetorical proof?


The interconnection and interdependence between two individuals


The act of putting yourself in another's place in an attempt to understand their experience

exaggeration online

The term hyperpersonal communication is most closely related to what?


This term refers to how physically near another person is to us, which influences how attractive they are to us a relational partner

cost-benefit analysis

This theory says that we make relationship choices by comparing the benefits of knowing another person against the things about that person that upsets us, cause us stress, or damage our self-concept or lifestyle

social penetration theory

This theory says that by progressively sharing deeper and more risky personal information about ourselves to others, we move our relationships with them from a superficial level to a deeper level of intimacy


Obstacles that pop up in a relationship and hinder its growth


___________ is a negative interaction between two or more interdependent people, which is rooted in some disagreement or perceived disagreement.

productive conflict

conflict that is managed effectively

something not mean

What is not identified as a form of provocation?

low context

In a/an _______ culture, people approach conflict with an emphasis on each person's needs, rights, and identity over a focus on those of the larger group.


An atmosphere of mistrust, suspicion, and apprehension characterize which kind of communication climate?


The prevailing temper, attitudes, and outlook of a dyad, a group, or an organization is most likely identified with which of the following concepts?

avoidance strategy

After Marissa became frustrated with an insensitive comment that Kevin made toward her, she excused herself and worked independently for the rest of the day. After work, she asked to switch shifts for the next few days so that she could have a bit of distance from him. What conflict management strategy did Marissa use?


A collection of more than two people who share some kind of relationship with one another, who communicate in an interdependent fashion, and who collaborate toward some shared purpose

a group is: a collection of more than two people who share some kind of relationship with one another, who communicate in an interdependent fashion, and who collaborate toward some shared purpose

What is not a characteristic of members of a group?

primary group

Your family would be considered what kind of group?


During which stage of a group's development do the members try to negotiate who will be in charge and what the group's goals will be?


A small subgroup of individuals who have bonded together within a group

chain network

A network in which communication passes from one person to another rather than by being shared among members

group think

___________ is a situation in which group members strive to minimize conflict by refusing to examine ideas critically, analyze proposals, or test solution.


______ is the ability to influence others' behaviors through thoughts toward a productive end.

legitimate power

Power that comes from a person's role or title


Power that stems from a leader's ability to threaten or harm others


A leader who controls a group's communication by conveying specific instructions to the members uses which leadership style?

achievement oriented

A leader who sets challenging goals and communicates high expectations and standards to the members of a group is said to use which leadership style?

power distance

_________ is the extent to which less powerful members of a group expect that power is distributed unequally.

cognitive forces

The group members' thoughts, beliefs, and emotions relate to which forces that shape a group's decision making?


A/an ________ s a group with a formal governance and structure.

classical management theory

An approach to managing organizations that emphasizes division of labor and that favors hierarchy

human resources

The most recent approach to managing an organization, which considers the needs of the individual member as well as the organization as a whole


An organization's unique set of beliefs, values, norms, and ways of doing things


A ________ is a seasoned, respected member of an organization who serves as a role model for a less experienced individual.

media richness

The number of contacts that a channel offers for a message

organizational story telling

When he walked into the real estate agent's office, Phillip saw a wall of photographs. In the first, he saw his agent as a child with her parents on the day that they bought their first home, and in another he saw her with her children on the day that they bought their first home. Moving on, he saw photograph after photograph of his agent with other families standing outside the homes that she helped them to purchase. One frame on the wall had no photo, but instead a message inside the glass that said "I look forward to the day that you and I can be photographed outside your first home." These photographs are a form of _______ that told Phillip what his agent's office was all about a lifetime commitment to helping people accomplish their dreams.

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