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  1. What Gram positive rod exhibits an "umbrella-like" motility?
  2. Bacillus species is _____-hemolytic on BAP?
  3. Which Strep species are Beta hemolytic?
  4. Bacillus anthracis is _____-hemolytic on BAP?
  5. Which Gram-positive rods are motile?
  1. a -Group A Strep
    -Group B Strep
  2. b Bacillus species & Listeria
  3. c Gamma
  4. d Beta
  5. e Listeria

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  1. -Strep pneumococcus
    -Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
    -Viridans Strep
  2. Bacillus Species & Erysipelothrix
  3. Group A Strep (S. pyogenes)
  4. Enterococcus
  5. Gram positive rods (chains)

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  1. What organisms have a positive motility at 25C?Listeria & Yersinia


  2. Which Gram positive rod produces H2S?Bacillus species & Listeria


  3. What Gram positive rod uses the Elek test to determine toxicity of the organism?Listeria


  4. What is the Gram stain appearance of Erysipelothrix?Gram positive rod


  5. What Gram positive rod is Bile Esculin (BEA) positive?Bacillus species & Listeria