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  1. Which Strep species are Alpha hemolytic?
  2. Bacillus species is _____-hemolytic on BAP?
  3. Which Gram positive rod produces H2S?
  4. What are Satelliting Strep deficient in?
  5. What organisms have a positive motility at 25C?
  1. a Beta
  2. b -Strep pneumococcus
    -Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
    -Viridans Strep
  3. c Pyridoxal (vitamin B6)
  4. d Listeria & Yersinia
  5. e Erysipelothrix

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  1. Beta
  2. Group B Strep (S. agalactiae)
  3. Abiotrophia and Granulicatella
  4. -CAMP/Hippurate
    -6.5% Salt Tolerance
  5. Gram positive rod

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  1. Immunodiffusion test; line of precipitation forms in test agar when diphtheria toxin interacts with diphtheria toxinElek Test


  2. Which Strep species are Gamma hemolytic?-Group B Strep
    -Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
    -Viridans Strep


  3. What tests are used to differentiate Strep species that are Beta hemolytic?-A Disk


  4. Which organisms form spores?Bacillus & Clostridium


  5. What Gram positive rod exhibits an "umbrella-like" motility?Listeria