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Definition of nursing practice?

Nursing protects, promotes, and optimizes our clients' health, prevents illness and injury, alleviates suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses, and advocates for the care of our clients.

Examples of health promotion activities...

Prenatal care
Well-baby care
Nutrition counseling
Family planning
Exercise classes

Primary Care (Early detection, routine care, health promotion)

Prenatal care
Well-baby care
Nutrition counseling
Family planning
Exercise classes

Preventive Care (Activities that reduce the occurrence of an illness)

Blood pressure and cancer screening
Poison control information
Mental health counseling and crisis prevention
Community legislation (seat belts, air bags, bike helmets)

Secondary Acute Care

Emergency care
Acute medical-surgical care

Tertiary Care (Specialized care)

Intensive care
Subacute care
Cancer Hospital

Restorative Care (Intermediate and Follow-up care)

Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation
Sports medicine
Spinal cord injury programs
Home care

Continuing Care (Long-term and Chronic care)

Assisted living
Psychiatric and older adult day care
Nursing centers/nursing homes/extended care facilities (ECF)

Respite Care

The service provides short term relief or time off for persons providing home care to an ill, disabled, or frail older adult.

Adult Day Care Centers

May be associated with a hospital or nursing home or operate independently. Offers services to patients in need of daily physical rehabilitation, counseling for emotional, drug, alcohol addiction

Primary prevention

True prevention that lowers the chances that a disease will develop

Secondary prevention

Focuses on those who have a disease or are at risk to develop a disease

Tertiary prevention

Occurs when a defect or disability is permanent or irreversible

Examples of primary prevention

health promotion, wellness education programs, immunizations, good body mechanics, screening for prostate breast or colon cancer

Examples of secondary prevention

found in the home, health care facility, or SNF

Examples or tertiary prevention

aims to help clients achieve as high level of functioning as possible

How do nurses advocate for their patients?

Nurses protect the human and legal rights of their clients and help clients assert those rights when needed. In Chapter 9 we will discuss cultural and ethnic issues that can create barriers to access to the health care system.

What did Florence Nightingale believe what the role of the nurse was?

to help the body recover, and then remain free, from disease

Risk factors include

Genetic and physiological factors

Example of genetic and physiological risk factors?


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