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Type A

A person with a behavior pattern characteristic of hard-driving, overambitious, aggressive, at times hostile, and overly competitive person has what type of behavior pattern?

Type B

A person with a behavior pattern characteristic of a calm, casual, relaxed, and easy going individual has what type of behavior pattern?

Type C

A person with a behavior pattern charactersitc of just as highly stressed as the Type A, but do not seem to be at a higher risk for disease than the Type B has what type of behavior pattern?

cardiovascular disease

what types of cardiovascular illnesses can stress cause?

impaired ability to perform essential tasks

what types of nervous system illnesses can stress cause?

digestive system

ulcers, irritable bowel movements, gastroesphogeal reflux disease, intestinal barrier function, and inflammatory disease are all _____ types of illnesses stress can cause

autoimmune disease
immunodeficiency disorders

what types of immune system illnesses can stress cause?

cardiovascular disease

besides nervous system, digestive, and immune system illnesses, what can stress cause?

manage stress

physical activity,
progressive muscle relaxation,
breathing exercises,
visual imagery,
autogenic training are all ways to ___________?

manage stress

Social Support,
Time Management,
Biofeedback are all ways to _____________?

Negative Coping Techniques

The use of tobacco, alcohol consumption, and binge eating are all ___________?


this can unravel chromosomes, kill brain cells, and cause belly fat

adrenaline and glucocorticoids

two hormones of stress are:


when life is on the line, _______ of life kick in

stress response

humans don't know how to shut this off

less stressed

Healthier people are _______ compared to unhealthier people


The higher people are in their job hiarchy, the ________ stressed they are and ______ healthier they are.


Stress causes immune system to weaken, this allows the ______ caused from stress to become _______

blood flow

stress clogs _____ and restricts ________


can cause memory loss

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