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  1. Dutch West India Company
  2. Jamestown
  3. Lord Baltimore
  4. Anne Hutchinson
  5. cartography
  1. a Trading company chartered by the Dutch government to conduct its merchants' trade in the Americas and Africa. (p. 498)
  2. b Founded the colony of Maryland and offered religious freedom to all Christian colonists. He did so because he knew that members of his own religion (Catholicism) would be a minority in the colony.
  3. c Puritan dissenter banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who fled to Rhode Island in 1638
  4. d the making of maps and charts
  5. e First permanent English settlement in North America

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  1. the first people to live in North America
  2. individual who received legal and exclusive right to a colony
  3. French explorer, found the St. Lawrence River and laid claim to Canada as a French possesion (1534)
  4. early colonial union involving the Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, New Haven, and Connecticut settlements
  5. originated in Barbados but modeled in the colonies, very harsh laws regarding the treatment of slaves

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  1. QuetzalcoatlThe Aztec people believed that Cortes might be _______, an Aztec God.


  2. Massaoitwampanoag chieftain who befriended english colonists


  3. Quebecfirst permanent French settlement in North America


  4. Philip IIking when monarchy was re-established, wanted to share power with parliament but had to dissolve parliament when they became a threat to the catholic church


  5. House of BurgessesThe first official legislative assembly in the Colonies