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  1. Charles Town
  2. mestizos
  3. Chesapeake
  4. William Laud
  5. Michael Wigglesworth
  1. a New England clergyman who wrote the popular poem "Day of Doom", which told the horrifying fate of the damned
  2. b A person of mixed Native American and European ancestory
  3. c Archbishop of Canterbury, denied Puritans the right to publish and preach in 1630, was executed in 1645
  4. d Virginia-Maryland bay area, site of the earliest colonial settlements
  5. e The busiest seaport in the south, had a lot of religious toleration

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  1. He founded Rhode Island for separation of Church and State. He believed that the Puritans were too powerful and was ordered to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious beliefs.
  2. 1686 James II reorganized New England. Sent Edmund Andros to take charge. Governed w/ an appointive council and superior court
  3. Attempted to form a colony in North Carolina. failure
  4. German monk and leader of the Protestant Reformation
  5. wampanoag chieftain who befriended english colonists

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  1. Dutch West India CompanyThe Aztec people believed that Cortes might be _______, an Aztec God.


  2. covenantagreement with God


  3. Jaques CartierFrench explorer, found the St. Lawrence River and laid claim to Canada as a French possesion (1534)


  4. New Swedena settlement established by the Dutch near the mouth of Hudson River and the southern end of Manhattan Island


  5. Ferdinand of AragonPortuguese navigator in the service of Spain