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  1. Vasco de Gama
  2. Pequot War
  3. Humphrey Gilbert
  4. George Percy
  5. First Anglo-Powhatan War
  1. a The Bay colonists wanted to claim Connecticut for themselves but it belonged to the Pequot. The colonists burned down their village and 400 were killed.
  2. b English navigator who in 1583 established in Newfoundland the first English colony in North America (1539-1583)
  3. c Governor of Jamestown wrote of colonists extreme hunger
  4. d De La Warr v Indians, ended in peace settlement in 1614 with marriage of Pocohontas to John Rolfe
  5. e A Portugese sailor who was the first European to sail around southern Africa to the Indian Ocean

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  1. Sociological term used to define the Calvinist belief in hard work to illustrate selection in elite group
  2. a powerful group of Native Americans in the eastern part of the United States made up of five nations: the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondoga, and Oneida
  3. Frenchman, founded Calvinism in Geneva... religious reformer
  4. The constitution of the Connecticut River colony drawn up in 1639, it established a government controlled in democratic style by the "substantial" citizens.
  5. originated in Barbados but modeled in the colonies, very harsh laws regarding the treatment of slaves

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  1. conversionprominent Mass minister, believed that only the spiritual "elect" should have any authority, to become "elect" they have a conversion experience, caused dissension in colony and would eventually lead to the founding of new colonies


  2. PuritansProtestant sect in England hoping to "purify" the Anglican church of Roman Catholic traces in practice and organization.


  3. Quebecfirst permanent French settlement in North America


  4. conquistadoresreligious group who settled Pennsylvania - very tolerant and nonviolent


  5. Great Migrationwhen more than 15,000 Puritans journeyed to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution and economic hard times


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