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  1. Renaissance
  2. Henry VIII
  3. Glorious Revolution
  4. Vasco Nunez Balboa
  5. Gustavus Adolphus
  1. a Swedish Lutheran who won victories for the German Protestants in the Thirty Years War and lost his life in one of the battles
  2. b the revival of learning and culture
  3. c English king who created the Church of England after the Pope refused to annul his marriage (divorce with Church approval)
  4. d Spain- first to see the Pacific
  5. e bloodless overthrow of James II

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  1. English explorer who helped found the colony at Jamestown, Virginia
  2. person who agreed to work for a colonial employer for a specified time in exchange for passage to america.
  3. Where they sailed to instead of Virginia
  4. one group of Puritan American settlers who were Calvinists
  5. Native American who helped with relation between the natives and the Pilgrims.

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  1. Deganawidah and Hiawathatribe who had helped English settlers in Carolinas with Indian slave trade, but were later annihilated by the colonists when they tried to leave


  2. General Courta Puritan representative assembly elected by the freemen; they assisted the governor; this was the early form of Puritan democracy in the 1600's


  3. Hernando de Sotoa sect of Puritans who totally seperated and sailed to American; Pilgrims


  4. George PercyItalian adventurer who went on 20 voyage to China and wrote about it


  5. Francisco Pizzaroconquistador who conquered the incas