Global Connections. Understanding the holy land. chapters 1-3


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Why do Jews believe the land belongs to them?
Jews believed that they lived there in the ancient times. They see it as a home. - Jewish Israelis.
Why do the Palestinians believe the land belongs to them?
Arab ancestors migrated there in the 7th century. It was not the Palestinians who kicked the Jews out, they just moved in later after most of the Jews were gone.
What did the United Nations do in 1947?
Who accepted it?
Who Rejected it?
The united nations split the land into 2 nations.
The Jews accepted it.
The palestinians rejected it.
Whom did the Jews fight, over the disputed land in 1948?
Palestinians and Arab armies from other nations.
Which countries fought against Israel in 1967?
Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq.
Where do most Palestinians live in the Holy Land today?
The West Bank and the Gaza Strip. -Occupied Territories.
To what 3 faiths is Israel holy?
Judaism, Christianity, and ISlam
Why is the rest of the world involved?
Because of this land's importance to 3 major Western Religions.
Describe the 4 geographic areas in Israel.
North- Fertile hills- Galilee
South- Empty desert- Negev
West- Coastal Plains
East- Rocky hills- Judea and Samaria- now West Bank.
What percent of Israel is good for farming and what is grown?
20% oranges, dates, ect.
What small industries are in the Occupied Territories?
Textiles- fabric, soap manufacturing, construction, service, and other odd jobs.
What is the official language of Israel?
What is the currency of Israel?
When was the kingdom of Israel the most powerful?
1000 BCE
Who were the rulers during this time?
King David and his son King Solomon.
Why were many of the laws and beliefs of modern Judaism developed during the Babylonian?
It was a way to give the Jews a common identity.
Define Diaspora.
Diaspora are Jews that live outside of the Holy Land.
What did the Greeks call the Holy Land after they concurred it in 332 BCE?
What did the Romans call the Holy Land after they concurred it in 45 BCE?
What did Rabbi Hilled summed up the code of Judaism as?
"That which is hateful to you, do not to your neighbor"
How did the Christians make life difficult for the Jews during the middle ages?
Jews had to live in separate communities, wear special badges and clothes, had special laws, and could only work in certain places.
How did some people react when they thought the Jews were responsible for the Black Death?
They attacked Jewish Villages.
How were the Jews treated in Muslims lands?
Better- Still 2nd class.
What is Zionism?
Zionism is the belief that Jews should have a nation of their own.
What happened to Jews during the enlightenment of Europe?
They got more freedom in the Holy Land.
What was the Pale of Settlement?
The Pale of Settlement is a region of which ALL Russian Jews had to live.
What is the "Protcols of the Elders of Zion?"
A fake document to spread fear of Jews.
What is the Dreyfus Affair?
French Jew/Army Captain was falsely accused of treason. -Alfred Dreyfus.
What was the Zionist Organization?
People who encouraged the british government and the language of Hebrew. Idea was to build a safe place for Jews.
What country is home to more Jews today than any other country
The U.S.A
What was aliya?
Aliya is Zionist Jews returning to Palestine. It was a large wave of migration.
Who is Islam's prophet?
Muhammed ibn Abdullah
How did Muhammed successfully unite the Arab tribes?
1. Victories in battle.
2. Fair Leadership.
3. Believe in one god.
By saying he was the one and only god.
How long did it take the Arabs to conquer all of Persia, the entire middle east, and large parts of Africa and Spain?
120 years
What is the Muslim holy book?
The Qurán
What five basic pillars of faith do Muslims believe?
1. Surrender and accept Allah
2. Pray to him 5x daily
3. Give to charity in his name
4. Fast during Ramadan
5. Make a pilgrimage to Metca at least once in your life
Why do Muslims have a strong sense of community?
They believe there is something greater than themselves.
What had Christians been using the Temple Mount for, during Roman rule?
Garbage Dump
Why was the Temple Mount a holy place for Muslims?
Muslims believe Muhammed went to heaven with an angel, spoke to god and prophets. Then returned to Earth.
When Arabs ruled the holy land, how were non-Muslims treated?
2nd class, -religious freedom- not equality.
With one exception, who was it that ruled over the Holy Land from 638 to 1917?
What did Pope Urban 2, order every knight in Western and Central Europe to do in 1095?
Travel to the Holy Land- Convert the Middle East to Christianity. Stop the Turks
Describe the battle in Jerusalem in 1099.
The crusaders surrounded Jerusalem. Made Christians leave because they feared they would help the crusaders.
What did the Muslims call the war, when they fought to take back the Holy Land?
Jihad- meaning Holy War.
What year was the last crusade finally driven out?
1291- took 196 years - killed 30,000 people.
Why was the conquest of Jerusalem by the Europeans a catastrophic event for the Muslims?
They lost the 3rd Holiest city in Jerusalem.
Why did all 3 faiths constantly push for more power in the Holy land?
If you controlled the Holy Land, it was symbolic of how strong your religion was.
What effect did "Turkification" have on many Arabs?
The Arabs' response to the policy of Turkification took different forms. On the linguistic front, the response crystalized in the form of repeated calls for the revitalisation of the Arabic language and for its use as the language of education and administration in the Arabic-speaking parts of the Ottoman Empire. The conference of Arab activists which took place in Paris in 1913 demanded the use of Arabic, instead of Turkish, as the medium of instruction in all the primary schools in the provinces of the Fertile Crescent. It also called for the building of new secondary schools in which Arabic would be the medium of instruction, leaving Turkish as the language of teaching in the old government schools in what appears to have been a conciliatory attempt at placating the Ottoman authorities. As a result of these demands, and the agreement which was reached between the Arab activists and the Ottoman authorities, two secondary schools were started, one in Damascus and the other in Beirut. Although Arabic was adopted as the language of instruction in these schools, this experiment ran into the ground very quickly soon after the start of World War I.