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Which of the following is the best example of absolute poverty?
A homeless man begs in the streets for money and food
Which of the following historical tragedies offers an extreme example of the impact of social class on life chances?
the sinking of the titanic
According to world systems analysis, a core nation is a nation that
along with its multinational corporations, controls and exploits noncore nations' economies.
Which of the following is the best example of a multinational corporation?
a beverage corporation that has bottling plants throughout the world
Which of the following is true about maquiladoras?
They are foreign-owned factories located in Mexico that are allowed to import parts and materials without tariffs
What term does sociologist R. W. Connell use to mean that men learn and play a range of gender roles?
multiple masculinities
Which of the following is a controversial practice that has been condemned by Western nations as a human rights abuse, but also has been defended on the grounds of cultural relativism?
female genital mutilation
Research on children's books published in the United States in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s indicates
That female characters were portrayed as passive and in need of strong male caretakers.
The systematic reinforcement of male-female sexual and marital relationships as normative is called
A man who dresses as a drag queen may be seen by some people as violating appropriate
gender roles
Which of the following illustrates Arlie Hochschild's concept of the second shift?
A woman has a career as a stockbroker, and she is also responsible for maintaining the apartment, doing the shopping, and cooking for herself and her husband.
A gym buys uniforms for its employees. All of the uniforms are in a men's large, and the gym hires only people who will comfortably fit into the uniforms. As a result of this policy, the gym does not hire any women. This would be an example of _______.
institutional discrimination
Heternormativity is considered a form of ________.
Which of the following could lead to greater control over fertility by women?
increased opportunities for self-determination for women
Joe grew up in an Italian household in an Italian community in New Jersey. He believes that the traditional Italian celebration of Easter, which includes a large number of family members and large amounts of food consumed during a long dinner, is the best way to celebrate this holiday. This example demonstrates
Which of the following is a hate crime?
Michael vandalizes a store because the owner is Latino
A sociologist argues that the capitalist ruling class is willing to tolerate high rates of illegal
immigration because these immigrants serve as a cheap labor pool. This sociologist is most likely to draw upon _________.
exploitation theory
A white male lawyer mentors a young female Latina lawyer. According to the contact hypothesis, this situation would be unlikely to reduce prejudice because ______________.
the two people do not have equal status
Researchers working on the Human Genome Project have recently determined that there
are no genetic differences between racial groups. Thus, they conclude that race is a _________ rather than ________________ construct.
On the day of the presidential election, Krisshows up to vote and notices that there are more women voting than men. This is ___________.
representative of the nation as a whole
Our class activity in which participants were asked to take steps forward or backward based on different criteria, represents ____________.
the way social privilege can impact life outcomes
A sociology instructor decides what subject matter will be covered each time the class meets. The fact that the instructor can make these decisions and that the students must follow her lead is an example of:
Which of the following terms refers to institutionalized power that is recognized by the people over whom it is exercised?
In the United States, there is a presidential election every four years. After the election, nearly half the population readily accepts the leadership of the person for whom they did not vote. This is an example of:
rational-legal authority
Which recent event was reminiscent of Philip Zimbardo's mock prison experiment conducted in 1971?
the Abu Ghraib prison scandal
A society that has an economy based on the production of goods in factories through mechanization would be an example of a(n) _______________ society.
Mary opens up a small printing business in her town. Although she enjoys the work, her primary motive for opening this business is to earn more money to earn more wealth for her family. This would be characteristic of which type of economic system?
Laissez-faire is a form of ____________.
capitalism under which people compete freely, with minimal government intervention, in the economy
A computer software manufacturer creates a product that all computers are required to use. The exclusive product allows the manufacturer to dictate prices, standards of quality, and product availability. This manufacturer would be an example of a(n) _____________.
A dress manufacturer closes a factory in South Carolina and moves the factory to Malaysia, where labor costs are lower. This is an example of _________.
Socialism is defined as __________.
an economic system under which the means of production and distribution are collectively owned
Which of the following terms is used by sociologists to refer to a structured ranking of entire groups of people that perpetuates unequal economic rewards and power in society?
An 83-year-old woman is placed at a small table in a dark corner of a trendy nightclub and is ignored by the staff. Her shoddy treatment is probably due to her age, which is a(n) _______ status.
Some sociologists have suggested that in the southern United States in the pre-civil rights era, an African American individual was born into a status that would always be subordinate to the status of all of the white members of the community. This would be an example of a(n) _________.
caste system
A woman is born into a homeless, single-parent family. She is very talented and as an adult, becomes a wealthy, world-acclaimed pianist. This scenario most closely represents which type of stratification system?
A bus driver who becomes a hotel clerk, moving from one social position to another of approximately the same social rank, is an example of:
horizontal mobility
An inner-city youth spends many hours in the neighborhood playground shooting baskets on the basketball court and playing in every game he can. His skills become outstanding, and he receives a college scholarship and then signs a lucrative contract to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA). This is an example of __________.
vertical mobility
Every evening at a neighborhood bar, the clientele, which consists of construction workers, police officers, plumbers, and factory workers, watches sports events on a big screen television set and plays pool. The people who hang out in this bar are an example of a __________.
status group
As defined in lecture, material, social, and cultural resources all shape the positions we occupy and influence our likelihood for _______.
social mobility
Prestige refers to the ________.
respect and admiration that an occupation holds in a society
A wealthy businessperson starts a small business and hires 5 individuals to work in the new company. The 5 individuals happen to be from 5 different racial backgrounds, and have had very little interracial interaction in the past. After working together for some time, all 5 individuals found that they are less prejudiced and have abandoned the stereotypes they held toward other races. This is an example of:
contact hypothesis