A&P Final Mastering questions (Vessels and Lymphatics)

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Which arteries carry deoxygenated blood?
carotid arteries
renal arteries
pulmonary arteries

pulmonary arteries

Gas and nutrient exchange occur in the:


Which vessels carry blood away from the heart?


Leaky capillaries found in the bone marrow are called_________.
fenestrated capillaries
continuous capillaries
sinusoidal capillaries

sinusoidal capillaries

Which of the following is true about veins?
Veins have valves; arteries do not.
Veins carry blood away from the heart, while arteries carry blood to the heart.
Veins are more muscular than arteries.
Veins have a thinner lumen than arteries.

Veins have valves; arteries do not.

Which capillaries are the most common in the body?
continuous capillaries
fenestrated capillaries

continuous capillaries

Which of the following would not move by diffusion across a capillary into the surrounding tissue?
Lipid-soluble substances
Carbon dioxide


Which of the following is NOT a capillary transport mechanism?
movement through intracellular clefts or fenestrations
diffusion through the membrane
bulk flow
transport via vesicles or caveolae

bulk flow

Which of the following will lower blood pressure?
Atrial natriuretic peptide
Antidiuretic hormone
Angiotensin II

Atrial natriuretic peptide

Which of the following is NOT an important source of resistance to blood flow?
vessel diameter
total blood volume
blood viscosity
vessel length

total blood volume

Which of the following is involved in long-term blood pressure regulation?
Renal mechanisms
Chemoreceptor reflexes
Hormonal controls

Renal mechanisms

Which of the following would experience a decreased blood flow during exercise?
Skeletal muscles


Which of the following is a long-term mechanism for maintaining blood pressure?
baroceptor-initiated reflexes
chemoreceptor-initiated reflexes
renal regulation
hormonal controls

renal regulation

Which of the following would be a result of anaphylaxis (a systemic allergic reaction)?
Hypovolemic shock
Cardiogenic shock
Vascular shock
Increased blood pressure

Vascular shock

Lymph is most similar to:
interstitial fluid.
blood plasma.

interstitial fluid.

Which of the following statements is true regarding veins versus lymphatic collecting vessels?
Veins tend to form more branches (anastamoses) than do lymphatic vessels.
Veins and lymphatic vessels have a different number of tunics.
Veins have thinner walls than do lymphatic vessels.
Veins have fewer internal valves than do lymphatic vessels.

Veins have fewer internal valves than do lymphatic vessels.

Once collected, lymph is returned to:
the kidneys for filtration.
arterial circulation.
the liver for detoxification.
venous circulation.

venous circulation.

Which of the following are considered the primary immune system cells?
plasma cells
dendritic cells


Which of the following is a role of lymph nodes?
They produce red blood cells.
They produce lymph.
They return lymph to circulation.
They filter lymph.

They filter lymph.

The ________ is (are) the most likely to become infected.
palatine tonsils
pharyngeal tonsil
tubal tonsil
lingual tonsil

palatine tonsils

Peyer's patches are located:
along the colon.
along the small intestine.
in the spleen.
in the liver.

along the small intestine.

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