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  1. Maya
  2. Inca
  3. Aztec
  1. a They drained the lake Texcoco and built a city
  2. b 10,000 miles of stone paved roads, rope bridges, and stone walls.
  3. c believed the gods controlled everything on earth

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  1. took everything they could carry from their victims, including maize, cotton cloth, copper, and weapons.
  2. Developed a system of numbers.
  3. Largest city was Tikal
  4. In 1438 an emperor named Pachacuti (PAH·chah·KOO·tee) came to the throne and began a campaign of conquest against the neighboring peoples. He and his son, Topa, built an empire that stretched from north to south for more than 3,000 miles (4,800 km), from present-day Colombia to northern Argentina and Chile.
  5. Central Mexico, island in Lake Texcoco

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  1. Maya1200 AD


  2. Incalargest early American civilation


  3. Maya1200 AD


  4. IncaThey built special cities devoted only to religious ceremonies. One such city is Machu Picchu1


  5. IncaAll their land belongs to the Emperor, who is believed to be a descendant of the sun god.