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  1. Inca
  2. Maya
  3. Aztec
  1. a Central Mexico, island in Lake Texcoco
  2. b They built special cities devoted only to religious ceremonies. One such city is Machu Picchu1
  3. c New farming techniques

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  1. Many stone towers
  2. 300 - 900 AD
  3. They drained the lake Texcoco and built a city
  4. They organized society by religion
  5. they were a theocracy, a society ruled by religious leaders.

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  1. AztecBiggest city is Tenochtitlan


  2. IncaDeveloped hieroglyphs


  3. MayaIn 1438 an emperor named Pachacuti (PAH·chah·KOO·tee) came to the throne and began a campaign of conquest against the neighboring peoples. He and his son, Topa, built an empire that stretched from north to south for more than 3,000 miles (4,800 km), from present-day Colombia to northern Argentina and Chile.


  4. AztecDeveloped hieroglyphs


  5. IncaAlthough mountainous land is not well suited for farming, they devised ways to produce a steady supply of food. They cut terraces, or broad platforms, into steep slopes so they could plant crops. They built stone walls on the terraces to hold the soil and plants in place. Their farmers grew maize, squash, tomatoes, peanuts, chili peppers, melons, cotton, and potatoes.