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Solution of minerals by acids occurring in soil and ground water

Acid action

Any stream-laid sediment deposit found in a stream channel and in low parts of a stream valley subject to flooding


Deposit of sediment originating at higher slope and accumulating at the base


Downhill surge of water-saturated soil, regolith, or weak shale


Removal of over-lying rock load from bedrock through denudation


Water freezes, expands, rock breaks

Frost action

Mass wasting by humans (e.g. waste soil contamination, rock piles, undercutting slopes)

Induced mass wasting

Flow of water and mineral fragments, mass-wasting


Recesses formed in cliffs


Oxygen combines with metallic elements


MIneral particles layer over-lying bedrock


Large quantities of rock falling from cliff


Rock is disintegrated by growing salt crystals during dry weather periods

Salt-crystal growth

Land disturbance to get minerals


Degree of inclination from ground surface


Soil and regolith move down slow cuz they be getting wet or dry or stuff like frost action, and temperatures getting whack happen

Soil creep

Dudes looking for gems toss this stuff


Slope formed by rapid accumulation of talus

Talus slope

Rocks get whipped chemically and physically through processes at Earth's surface


Large mass of Earth and rocks down a hill


Blocks of rock fall off slope


Sliding down curved surface


Regolith goes down a slope, smaller than flow


What is the main type of acid involved in acid action?

Carbonic acid

Forms when carbon dioxide dissolves in water

Carbonic acid

Carbonate sedimentary rocks are easy targets of what process?

Acid action

True or false: THe new minerals formed by oxidation and hydrolysis are stronger than the ones before


Salt-crystal growth causes zones of rock to break up and form these in cliffs


Loose rock fragment accumulation when rocks fall off a cliff


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