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16 terms

Sculpture Terms

Additive Sculpture
A process of adding clay to your piece to build up structure.
Modeling on
Adding clay in balls or pellets in the early stages of sculpting (Clay has to be wet to be able to stick to itself)
Subtractive Sculpture
Carving or taking away mass
Sculpting off
Removing clay
tools for removing clay
In the round
Sculpture that is completely free standing and finished
When the figure is posed with the weight of the body shifted on one foot
A small scale model for a finished sculpture
3 main body masses
head, rib cage, pelvis
head heights
A way to measure the human body. A body is approximately 7-8 heads tall
Minerals and silica together to give color and shine. It "crawls"
Minerals to give color. No shine, does not crawl.
Over glaze
Silica/glass to give shine. No color. Crawls slightly.
When glaze heats up, turns to liquid, and then cools and hardens.
An oven or furnace for firing pottery.
Holds up pottery that is glazed so that it does not stick to the kiln shelf.