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Author: Archie Barnes ISBN: 978-1904623519 Great book. Definitely buy it.

side, edge; at the edge of


what place? where? somewhere


every place, everywhere


this place, here

float, drift

rear; following period; behind; after


interval, space between; between; among; in; at

live, dwell, stay

guest; stranger; an exile (someone in exile, i.e. serving far from home); exile (the state of being in exile)

come up to the present; in, during; for the last ...

lining, inside; in, inside

front, space in front; preceding period; in front of; before

upper part, surface; space above; on, above

stone, rock

exterior; outside, beyond

lower part; space below; under; below

middle, centre; interior; space among; in, inside; among

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