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Social networking

the grouping of individual web users who connect and interact with other users in online communities.

Online communities

social websites you can join, such as Facebook and Twitter, where you can communicate with other by posting messages or media content such as images or videos.

Internal links

links to web pages within the same website.

External links

links to web pages in other websites or to email addresses


the name of the location of the web page or file that will open when viewers click the element.

Uniform Resource Locator

address of the destination page.

Named anchor

a specific location on a web page that has a descriptive name.


the location on a web page that a browser displays when users click an internal link.

Spry menu bar

one of the pre-set widgets available in Dreamweaver that creates a dynamic, user-friendly menu bar that is easy to insert and customize.


a piece of code that allows a user to interact with a program, such as clicking a menu item to open a page.

Spry framework

open source code developed by Adobe Systems to help designers quickly incorporate dynamic content on their web pages.

Image map

an image that has one or more hotspots place on top of it.


a clickable area on an image that , when the user clicks it, links to a different location on the page or to another web page.

Orphaned files

files that are not linked to any pages in the website.

Web 2.0

describes the recent evolution of web applications that facilitate and promote information sharing among Internet users.

Global Positioning Systems

devices used to track your position through a global satellite navigation system, and are popular to use for driving directions.

RSS feeds

can subscribe to in order to receive regular releases of information from a site.


method by which users can download and play digitally broadcasted files.


refers to a site where a user can use simple editing tools to contribute and edit the page content in a site.


websites where the website owner regularly posts commentaries and opinions on various topics.


a website where viewers can post short messages called tweets.


a free application that you use to communicate live with other people through video conferencing, using a high-speed Internet connection and a web camera, called a web cam.

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